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By on January 25, 2006, 3:55 AM
In our last gaming mice showdown, the Logitech MX518 came on top of both the Razer Diamondback and Razer Viper. Since then however, new products have been released by both companies, and we are glad to inform you we have had several weeks to test them and report back to you. The contenders: the Logitech G5 and the Razer Copperhead, both considered the companiesí flagship gaming products, both corded mice, and both tracking at an impressive 2000dpi. This is a head-to-head showdown to see which company has the best gaming mouse currently available.

Serious gamers will look for every possible edge over the competition, and a high-quality mouse can result in huge benefits. Both of these products were released in late 2005, and luckily for all of us prices have already gone down a notch from their original retail price, making for a more affordable choice even for those casual gamers still wanting the latest in comfort and precision when needed.

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paulwuzhere said:
I have always used Logitech keyboards but for a mouse i got the diamondback. Its very accurate and repsonive. Pretty expensive for a piece of plastic tho. Getting a mouse with fans built into it would be nice for my sweating friend. Very good articals. Read them. You'll enjoy comparing gaming mice.
charp said:
Got A G5 for my birthday!!Would'nt have bought it myself for about 70,00 euro's, though.Since i love gaming, i've never had a better experience.Very happy with it.
atk spade said:
I have a diamondback...it has been the nicest mouse i have ever owned.But from what i saw of the g5, it is defintly a contender.
MonkeyMan said:
wow, that logitech mouse looks very awesome. I currently own a logitech laser mouse, and it has never given me any problems whatsoever, it is a great mouse to have. I'm sure this new logitech mouse is awesome in every way, and I think I just may purchase this one. The only thing I want to know, is how much does it exactly cost? and great job logitech!!!!!!
asphix said:
Good article. I'll be in the market for a mouse around the end of this year, so reviews such as this will be important. I agree I think I'd choose the copperhead over the logitech. I have always loved logitech, and to be honest with you, if it had the two thumb buttons, I would choose it without hesitation. But the lack of that second thumb button unsettles me enough to consider changing to another mouse all together.I use both thumb buttons for web browsing and quick weapon switching all the time. If I have to settle for just one button now, I'll just go the extra mile and try a new mouse brand completely.The copperhead also looks a lot better in my opinion. The Logitech looks ugly. I like the professional sleek look over the rusted rugged scaffold look anyday.
Need_a_Dell said:
I'm not sure how much of a difference you're going to see between these two mice. They're both going to be excellent. the only decision you'll have to make is, which mouse if more comfortable in your palm? And, how much money are you willing to spend on a mouse? I picked up a no name optical mouse for $4 and it's pretty decent. (But that's for my old computer!)
PUTALE said:
both are nice mouses. I just hope that I can own either one of the 2 mouses.
nathanskywalker said:
Just thought i'd mention that...[quote](Dots Per Inch) The measurement of the resolution of display and printing systems. A typical CRT screen provides 96 dpi, which provides 9,216 dots per square inch (96x96). Flat panel displays from 110 to 200 dpi have also been developed.As the dpi rate doubles, the number of dots within a square inch is quadrupled, because dpi deals with two dimensions. Thus, while 100 dpi produces 10,000 actual dots per square inch, 200 dpi produces 40,000 (see below). We have a long way to go to make the resolution on a screen as dense as a printer. A 1200 dpi printer produces 157 times as many dots of resolution as a typical 96 dpi screen.[/quote]Ok, i'm hooked, so totaly buying one....[url]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N
2E16826104178[/url][quote]A common complaint is that certain gaming mice are either too light or too heavy. Logitech and Razer both considered these complaints and chose to do something about it. Although it is possible to change the weight of both mice, the G5 offers a lot more flexibility. In fact, people who use the Razer Copperhead and want to change the weight of the mouse will have to spend ~$10 and purchase a Razer Copperhead Pro-Tools set from the Razer store, and void your warranty as an added bonus.[/quote]Hmmm... mabye i'm just not picy...i've never really noticed taht all that much... But the ability to adjust the weight of our mouse would be very, very cool.Of course a comfortable grip is an important factor...[quote]Although I found the G5 to be a comfortable mouse, I found the Copperhead to be much more comfortable for longer gaming sessions. Not just ergonomically, the grip on the Copperhead appealed more to me. I especially liked the larger non-slip buttons where my index and middle finger are placed. The one complaint I had was regarding the scroll wheel, I wished it was a little bit smaller as it didn't feel natural.[/quote]Well, looks like they both have advanteges, but i'm thinking the G5... Not too expensive, and apperntly it beats they top gaming mouse in the world. Do to the fact that i'm using a $20 mouse right now, i think wither one would be great.
Delta said:
being a reviewer meself, I was able to test both mice. The copperhead's light weight is what struck me most. Its light as a feather and fast as a cheetah. The aesthetics (Especially the led beneth the logo) really compliments this mouse. And with 3 variety of colours, they surely hit the nail right on. (colours aare what really piss me off in peripherals). When logitech release a product, they make their displays only in 1 colour (g15, z-5500, etc - all blue lights).If you're like me, coming from a background of MXs erires mice (I've had mx500, mx510 and now the g5), it's very difficult to seaparate the ergonomics that logitech mice has for right handed users. Having the weights integrated in the package is a wise move. I don't mind reducing some buttons on the Logitech, but pity they removed that thumb button. Was really handy for forward/back (now I only use it for voice chat).But overall I think the copperhead may find it more easy to use, thanks to its symetrical design. Where I live, both mice are equal in price, so going to one mice not the other is simply a matter of choice.
Cartz said:
Any Techspot Marketers who happen to be reading this will be happy to know that their review has scored a sale :)I have been waiting a long time to replace my old optical Intellimouse, and I think that the G5 (I can find it for $60 CAD) will be right at home in my new system. I know that the copperhead is better in your opinion, but the best I can find it for is $78 CAD + S/H...I'll write up a review in the forums if I find it either exceptionally good, or not worth the money... If you don't see a review, I'm satisfied :)Props on a quality review, and not trying to fit in too much quantitative nonsense when a qualitative review is all that was needed.Picking one up tonight,
mentaljedi said:
Very nice for those who can't spare that much on a mouse. I think i'll wait until i have my multi-billion dollar company up and running in about 2030.
Vaulden said:
Iíve got the MX510 myself. I tried out a friend's Diamondback but I'm just too used to the Logitech's MX series. The difference in performance I would wager is negligible. The main differences are in the aesthetics and user preference (IMHO).However, since they took away the 2nd thumb button I might just have to move over to Razer and get used to a new design (or buy a MX518 and stick with it for a couple of years to see what Logitech comes out with).
exscind said:
Good review by Techspot. If either of those two weren't so expensive, I'd have one already. Instead, I bought a MX510 for $10 during the holidays.The review, as many have pointed out, is very informative and well-thought. I am an avid gamer so I am very much in-tune with the mice market. There are a few addendums I would like to include, for clarifications and whatnot, if the Techspot guys don't mind:1) The Razer series has always been a gift from above for left-handed gamers, and the Copperhead is no exception. The reason to have 2 buttons on each side of the mouse is so both right-handed and left-handed users would find comfort in using the mouse. To me, that says "more sales" and really shows that Razer does not want anyone to feel left out.2) The review hit it on the nail regarding the inclusion of only 1 side button. I used to be one of those who would hit the wrong side button in the heat of battle, but it was not that difficult to get adjusted to in my opinion as I quickly learned (through many deaths) instinctively how far my thumb has to travel to hit the particular button. I don't like Logitech's decision because the 2 side buttons are also great for forward/backward when web-browsing. I would like Logitech to maybe spread apart the 2 side buttons a bit more so it is more difficult to hit the wrong button, or perhaps slant the 2 buttons to distinguish better.Overall, I like G5's teflon feet; rather than just a few cheap shots sporadically around the corners in the MX series, G5 has two huge ones, which translates to better mobility in tracking and longer time to wear out. But to juxtapose, I like Copperhead's physical dimensions; it just feels so much lighter and easier to pick up the mouse when I have to turn 180 degrees in a game. Granted, my time on both have been limited since I have only tried it at my friend's house. But that's really just nitpicking because both mice are superb and at the top of the line. Then again, at a minimum of over 50 dollars each, I can't help but to nitpick the details. Overall, good review and definitely agrees with my experience (albeit limited) on both mice.
mav451 said:
I really wish Razer's were available via retail, and not just online. With the Logitech, duh, I can go to a local BB or CompUSA and actually feel it in my hand. With a Razer? Hope to god I like it?That's not cool at all. Probably a reason I'm still on my MS Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1a =D.
Julio said:
[b]Originally posted by mav451:[/b][quote]I really wish Razer's were available via retail, and not just online. With the Logitech, duh, I can go to a local BB or CompUSA and actually feel it in my hand. With a Razer? Hope to god I like it?That's not cool at all. Probably a reason I'm still on my MS Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1a =D.[/quote]I have seen Razer mice in Bestbuy, and not just the Copperhead but even previous models still on shelves.
charp said:
when i got the G5, ofcourse it was a huge upgradetowards my standard logitech 'click' mouse. lol.The weights are a nice gimmick, but not all practical.With all heavy weight blocks in it, it's just too heavy.My set up are six light weight blocks in the cassette, leaving two holes in the middle open.A thing i don't like is the software from logitech,so it's not installed over here. Superb mouse
fury said:
I have a Logitech Cordless Desktop MX3000This keyboard and mouse are as close to perfection as I have known any keyboard and mouse to come.The mouse just feels right, it has forward and back buttons which are easy to distinguish, and has a tiltable scroll wheel with real feedback when scrolling instead of that crap MS spits out nowadays.The keyboard, although a bit off topic, has a tiltable scroll wheel on the left hand side as well, has a volume wheel and other common media controls at the top center, shortcuts to common programs at the top right like email, calculator, messenger, etc.The only ways I can think of to improve upon this design is to fix the layout of the home/end/etc keys, put the insert key back where it belongs, split the keyboard like an MS Natural Pro (my old keyboard), and make it all wired to eliminate that delay between hitting a key or moving the mouse and seeing the action on the screen.So yeah, Logitech is great at what they do, and it's no surprise their G5 is a contender
rob2000 said:
great reading. Im currently in the market for a new mouse myself. the feet on my mx500 are worn and one fell off. using mouse skates helps but a little lopsided. i cant decide on the g5 or g7 or mx1000. i loved my mx700 even though it was quirky at time. wont charge anymore though.although i would not mind trying the copperhead either.just dont feel like spending $70 bucks and hating it.
Eko said:
I currently use the MX518 Gaming Grade mouse. I must say that I also used the MX1000, for a short time, and a Mamba SE also. But, in my personal opinion, Logitech produces the best mouse on the market, altough the prices are sky high. I hope to get a G5 as soon as possible...
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