ABIT merges with USI

By Justin Mann on January 25, 2006, 11:20 AM
In a press released issued today, enthusiast-adored company ABIT Computer Corporation announced a partnership with Universal Scientific Industrial. USI does much development in consumer electronics, car electronics, wireless technologies, video/audio processing and more. This partnership gives USI the ability to reach the computing market on a much larger scale, and will allow ABIT to use newer technologies and manufacturing techniques.

”By partnering with USI, ABIT is able to enjoy several key advantages. USI has been manufacturing a wide range of IT-related products with an OEM portfolio that contains Global PC, Communication and Automotive Electronics clients. Their manufacturing prowess is well suited towards ABIT’s pursuit of engineering excellence, and will ensure that ABIT motherboards will maintain the strict level of quality that ABIT users have been accustomed to over the years.”
ABIT boards have long been popular in the enthusiast community, and are known for their usually rich feature set and great quality. Let's hope this makes them even better. ABIT has suffered financially for a while and it would be a shame to see them disappear.

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MonkeyMan said:
Wow, this should be a plus for the ABIT company. I don't see how they can go wrong with this partnership. Both companies are beneifiting from the partnership, and this should help ABIT from disappearing off the face of the earth. Nice comeback ABIT, and I hope everything turns out well for your company.
nathanskywalker said:
Huh, i don't know much about Abit's quality, but if they work with something like USI, they should do alright.
Cartz said:
I wonder if this will help shore up ABIT financially, as I've been noticing lately that less vendors in my area are carrying their products. Two major retailers in my area list ABIT products as special order only...Maybe with the solid financial backing provided by USI they can force themselves into the market a little more, and get the exposure that they deserve. I would love to include ABIT products in my future systems. Though, as it is I'm not willing to pay the substantial premium just to have the privledge of using their product.
sngx1275 said:
Would be kind of nice to start seeing integrated wireless on motherboards. Not all that useful for a home user, but for small lan parties, or even larger ones with 802.11n.
JMMD said:
Never heard of USI but I hope this gives Abit a boost.
mentaljedi said:
Good for them. Bad for competitors. Good for us? Maybe...
PanicX said:
Is there a link available for the press release? What news source did this come from?I've noticed myself that ABIT has fallen behind the scenes since about the time that the Athlon64 was introduced. I've never used their products myself that I'm aware of, but I've always heard good things.
Kaleid said:
Hopefully this will rescue Abit.
exscind said:
[b]Originally posted by PanicX:[/b][quote]I've noticed myself that ABIT has fallen behind the scenes since about the time that the Athlon64 was introduced. I've never used their products myself that I'm aware of, but I've always heard good things. [/quote]ABIT used to be the gem motherboard maker for overclockers due to the quality and innovative designs. But ever since the big think-tank engineer Oskar Wu left (he went to DFI), ABIT fell rapidly in the computer market. This is also one of the biggest reasons why DFI is at the height that it stands on today. ABIT's uGuru software is decent, but overall it is mundune and nothing new or innovative hit the market for a long time. This move to merge with USI can only benefit ABIT since it hit a pretty low spot in the consumer market. Hopefully this will spark ABIT back up and bring the enthusiast community back to ABIT.
otmakus said:
ABIT's motherboard is rich in feature and generally cheaper compared with other brands, and it still has strong sales where I live, so I never know ABIT was declining. This merge with another tech specialized company should be good for the future, I hope.
canadian said:
Abit is a really good brand, but I would still rather have a Asus motherboard anyday.
PUTALE said:
I am curious, is this a merger or just a partnership. The title says merger, but the text says partnership. Abit has been having some trouble with their finance, so it's not that hard to imagine that they maybe bought by some company.
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