Microsoft founds search research centres

By Derek Sooman on January 26, 2006, 8:01 PM
Setting its sights on matching Internet search giants Google and Yahoo!, Microsoft is founding research centres by making half a million dollars available in the form of grant and award schemes. Microsoft Search Labs and Live Labs will attempt to make Microsoft the number one in search. Dr Gary Flake, a researcher Microsoft hired last year from Yahoo!, will look after Live Labs, with respected academic Dr Ashok Chandra as general manager. The labs will focus on areas such as multimedia search, machine learning, distributed computing and data mining.

"Live Labs is a fantastic alliance between some of the best engineering and scientific talent in the world. It will be the pre-eminent applied research laboratory for Internet technologies," Flake said. "This is a very exciting opportunity for researchers and technologists to have an immediate impact on the next evolution of Microsoft's Internet products and services and will help unify our customers' digital world so they can easily find information, pursue their interests and enrich their lives."

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djleyo said:
keep it up microsoft this way google will come better again for me google is on research is one tough cookie to breakcompetition always makes everything better for consumers
nathanskywalker said:
*cough gag, yeah rightMicrosoft? No guys, sorry, but i don't think so. considering their lack of security, and how long they take to put out a single update, i sincerly doubt that. Mabye they'll beat yahoo, but that's no exactly hard...however,[quote]Microsoft is putting an academic slant on both the Microsoft Search Labs and Live Labs by making half a million dollars available shortly in the form of grant and award schemes for academics looking to run research projects in the area.[/quote] That, i think, is a good idea. Offerring rewards is a good idea. But no matter how good they do, i sincerely doubt they will be more than another reason for google to do even better, YES.
otmakus said:
So they're supposed to be able to compete with Google with a half million dollar grant? Somehow I think MS is not very serious about this.
charp said:
Make it so, MS!!Google is pretty dominant, onlyone thing, can we do without the hotfixes?
asphix said:
Google will be a really tough one to take down. While i'm all for this move and hope its sucessfull, I hope Microsoft doesnt bite off more than it can chew.Its already arguably having issues in the OS market. Linux and other open source OS's are gaining in popularity and corporate use, Apples OSX and hardware is becoming ever more popular. Microsoft is now involved in a relentless war with Sony in the console gaming segment. Microsoft is trying to branch into the living room with MCE and video media. There are rumors of the exploration of a potential Microosft brand portable video/mp3/gaming system, and the full on rivalry with Google heating up.If anyone can do it, its Microsoft.. and I'm sure while some may not do so well, others certainly will.. its the best way to ensure some sort of sucess.. but to say Microsoft doesnt have A LOT on its plate would be a lie.
PUTALE said:
nice concept. I know that google is a great but with the power of MS behind this, who knows, maybe MS will slowsly take over the search world.
nathanskywalker said:
[b]Originally posted by PUTALE:[/b][quote]nice concept. I know that google is a great but with the power of MS behind this, who knows, maybe MS will slowsly take over the search world.[/quote]Slowly is definently an understatemnet. Plus, who really wants microsoft to dominate anything? Do you really trust microsoft that much? Insofar i definently trust google more than muicrosft. Ms tends to have alot of small print, google on the other hand, is just plain free, easy to use, and effiecent. No small print, no stupid licensing to use it, etc. etc. etc....I sincerly doubt microsoft could match that. What they are really missing is the mindset to accomplish such things. they think too much like the corporation they are.
DragonMaster said:
[quote]Plus, who really wants microsoft to dominate anything?[/quote]Isn't that already done? ;-)0.5M$? That's not a lot of money coming from M$!
cyrax said:
Microsoft is making an effort to change, which is good. The only thing left to do is to embrace the open source community, and stop calling them nasty names.
nathanskywalker said:
[b]Originally posted by DragonMaster:[/b][quote][quote]Plus, who really wants microsoft to dominate anything?[/quote]Isn't that already done? ;-)0.5M$? That's not a lot of money coming from M$![/quote]Yes, yes, that is the point. Microsoft does already dominate so much, that i personally would just rather not see them dominate anymore. that's all.
MonkeyMan said:
Microsoft is a multi billion dollar company, and is the most successful company in world history. No other company has made as much money as Microsoft has made over the years, and I don't think any company every will. Microsoft has probably made over 100 Billion dollars from all of its software and accessories. Making billions of dollars every year, is nothing short of successfullness. Since Microsoft has a stake in almost every country in world, they do have the resources to dominate Google and Yahoo. I guess dominating software just isn't enough for the software giant lol.
mentaljedi said:
Microsfot is taking the mick! Come on! Half a million? They would need half a billion to get even 1% better! Please! I bet you that one day, Microsoft will collapse. It really is biting off more than it can chew. Everything is going wrong! They're OS is failing with no releases for 6-7 years and Linuz ans Opensource taking over. Sony is whipping Microsoft like a dog. Google will crush Microsoft for sure. Hmmm.. doesn't look good.
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