Microsoft to make iPod rival?

By Derek Sooman on January 29, 2006, 10:47 AM
iPods are everywhere. Each day as I journey to work, I see hundreds of the little blighters. Everyone seems to have one; there is no denying the success of these devices. And what does Microsoft want to do with rivalís success? Why, quash it, of course.

Now comes a BusinessWeek story putting flesh on an idea that's been floating around for some time. The magazine reports that Microsoft has a team of people working on a potential new device, to be created by Microsoft, that would take on the iPod directly.
In addition to having audio and video capabilities, the iPod rival would likely feature game playing facilities as well.

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jmag034 said:
If its a good alternative to the iPod it will probably sell. Otherwise, it will fail miserably.
MonkeyMan said:
Man, Microsoft is going all out aren't they? first a new search engine, and now a device to rival ipod? Microsoft, you could actually be making a mistake, by stirring up competition in the market. I'm not saying that Microsoft shouldn't expand their horizons, but it seems like they were shooting straight to the top, when they created this new device. I think it should be gradually introduced, like all technology should be, instead of rushing straight for the competition.
otmakus said:
They're way too late, Apple's hold is too strong already, and a device having audio and video capabilities and featuring game playing facility is just reminding me to PSP.
mastronaut said:
I think they missed the boat on this, Creative has an alternative called Zen. I can't see what MS can do to make theirs more appealing other than lowering the price for the same capabilities.
PUTALE said:
Although I am pretty sure that MS has a big battle to fight with Apple for the mobile mp3 player, but I really like the fact that MS got into the game. This will prompt apple to lower its prices
Need_a_Dell said:
[b]Originally posted by otmakus:[/b][quote]They're way too late, Apple's hold is too strong already, and a device having audio and video capabilities and featuring game playing facility is just reminding me to PSP.[/quote]Otmakus is absolutely correct. Microsoft has indeed missed the boat on this one. Apple has been ruling the portable MP3 market for years now. Consequentially, a new standard has been set, and it will be next to impossible for Microsoft to take that crown.
jmag034 said:
Well, the thing with PSP is it is bulky. If they could make something as slim as the 30gb 5G Ipod with game playing capabilites with a 30gb hdd then they make get some of the market.
exscind said:
Microsoft better have something good, or it will fail to make into the big scene. Creative's Zen is a good example; it did not become very successful because it failed to compete with the iPod. So if Microsoft makes a generic MP3 player with limited "game-playing" capabilities, it will just be another wasted money on a project. I personally think Microsoft should perfect what projects they have at hand first before they delve into various fields of markets.
jmag034 said:
Ah, Darn it, I hit the submit button too early. :( But anyway, what they need is something the size of a 5G Ipod video that can flip open to reveal a widescreen on the inside, this way the screen cant be scratched, there can be buttons on the inside for games, but it can still be controlled on the outside for music. Hell, if they could make it the thickness of a 4gb ipod it would be just amazing. Id buy one. The only reason I havent bought a PSP is because its just too big, and theres not enought onboard storage for music.
crossfire851 said:
Maybe they should give it a special name and if it's like the psp, then name it like the "mobile xbox 360" or something. Then we all know it would be huge.
djleyo said:
I agree with crossfire851 microsoft should think more portable gaming (xbox portable long overdue)/mp3 player/gps/wifi msn messenger/DS like touch system /full windows compatible and killer screen(S)this is the way im sure they are going to beat ipod ,zen m and other multi-media players and retail for $350-$380
DragonMaster said:
Microsoft in portable devices? If they use software similar to the current one it will run 30mins off 4 D-type batteries. But iPod needs some real competition.(Well, there is some, but iPod is about the only to be advertisd)In my case, I see more people with Sonys, Creative Zens and RCA Lyras than with iPods.
sngx1275 said:
Its no good. If they do that and Apple feels threatened, Apple will just endorse their product as also being game capable. Just yesterday I saw a video of halflife being played on an iPod Nano. The processor power is avaiable on the iPods, they just haven't gone that route.
DragonMaster said:
[quote] They're way too late, Apple's hold is too strong already,[/quote]Exactly! Everyone has iPods now and just left their discmans on the shelves. They'll have to invent something -new-(Not the same thing by an other company) that will make iPods obsolete. But, as Microsoft is going now(Baaad), I doubt that it will work.
nathanskywalker said: does seem to have a monopoly here don't they? Yeah, Ms probably doesn't stand a chance, but mabye..... Apple really is not very cersatille in someways, software limitations and hardware limitations. Then again. But yeah, i'm totaly agreeing, something like a mobile xbox would be awesome. just imagine carring halo with you wherever you go.
JMMD said:
I'm all for more competition in the market place. The only issues I can imagine would be some super tight DRM and possibly an embedded OS that crashes or hangs a lot. If MS can do it right, and at a good price, I'll have a look at their product.
buttus said:
Honestly what is the point? Apple has cornered the market. I don't know how many companies have released iPod killers since the products launch a few years ago. Nothing even comes close to denting the fortified position that Apple has cemented for itself.Fact is there have been some superior products launched in the market space ( [url][/url] ) yet Apple still has 90% market share with all others scrambling for a meger 10 % remainder. If MS gets into this it is WAY late in the game. After all, how many people don't already have an MP3 player?Besides, the iPod is for Apple what the Playstation is for Sony. These products account for the vast majority of that companies income and especially profitability.Besides, I LOVE my Nano :D
Masque said:
Actually, even though Apple has the market could change. Especially if M$ releases something that'll greatly rival the "geek value" of the Ipod series. And if they're cheaper by any margin....well....look out Apple.
LoZz said:
i think it will sink microsoft need to update there image i wouldnt feel comfortable with the windows logo in my pocket - feels so dirty
gamingmage said:
Wow, this might work if the product is good enough and it would be even better if Microsoft can make it cheaper and/or allow retailers to modify the price unlike apple with its iPod.
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