Microsoft to enter the portable music market?

By Justin Mann on January 30, 2006, 3:02 PM
We already know Microsoft is willing to sacrifice great hardware cost to enter the console gaming market, with both the Xbox and Xbox 360 costing more to produce than they originally retailed for, so it's really no surprise that they are now setting their sites on the portable entertainment market as well. It isn't a for sure deal, but as Microsoft focuses more on entertainment and media, it's a probable move. The iPod has still not faced any seriously rivalry from any other company, and is enjoying a huge userbase that is growing rapidly. Is MS up to the challenge?

Xbox boss Peter Moore says any Microsoft media device would have to leverage the company's most significant consumer strength, video gaming. "It can't just be our version of the iPod," says Moore, who nonetheless would not confirm that Microsoft is considering making such a device. So in addition to playing music and videos, a Microsoft device would include games. Microsoft would probably use the Xbox brand to market the gadget. "I think the brand is an opportunity," Moore says.
The Xboxpod? I hope not. It's hard to imagine an mp3 player as compact and light as the iPod also being able to “game enough” to compete with the PSP or DS. Though it would be nice to see another company able to go toe to toe with the iPod, Microsoft may not be the best choice.

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cyrax said:
I guess it was only a matter of time before microsoft got into the game. Actually i'm a bit surprised that they didn't do it sooner. Lets see if this is genuine and not a flash in the pan idea they normally make.
MonkeyMan said:
Well Microsoft wants to rule the world, but I'm not exactly sure it will be a piece of cake for them. ipod is very successful, so maybe Microsoft won't be able to do it? I'm not sure, but I guess only time will tell this story.
djleyo said:
im sure that microsoft is going to enter this market i hope they come out with a good name for this saw (xboy) this is wrong lets see what develops during E3
Vaulden said:
They are slowly moving into all aspects of the entertainment industry. This isn't too surprising a move, and I can see why they are going with the XBox name... The fan base for the XBox name is much less business oriented, seeing as the XBox is not exactly a business item... Oh if only it were! ;)
nathanskywalker said:
no no no, not xboxpod. X-pod! or podX, or even...get this THE POD DX!!!!huh, huh? you like it....ok, those are some big numbers to beat. I didn't know Apple had that much of a monopoly....i dunno, MS really would be safer to just expand and improver their xbox for now. Mabye eventually, though another alternative....something to take Ipods down a level or two, mabye even beat them.....sounds good.
Masque said:
Well, to be honest, if their player was geek enough (you all know what I mean), people would buy it (including myself). That's where Ipod's got the corner right now, but it's not exclusive. If M$ comes along with something better...even one little thing that catches people's'll be a success.
gamingmage said:
Finally, someone to compete with Apple's iPod. I think that Apples getting to comfortable sitting at the top of the portable music market, I mean it looks like they're not even trying to make things better. Their are flaws in some of their designs that are really frustrating. If MS prices these players lower and/or lets retailers adjusts the price then I think that will help them immensly. I mean who wants to pay 200-400 for a music player? The nano's screen you can barely read if you don't have the best of eyesight. Another idea is if MS can make those players compatable with Windows Media Player and make a mac version of the software as well. Anyways, hopefully MS will make a better player, or whip Apple into shape and make them make even better deals and/or products.
Kaleid said:
I a good thing would be if they could somehow make a Xbox portable and "ipod" all in one machine.
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