Vendors team up against Spyware

By Derek Sooman on January 31, 2006, 6:06 PM
In the battle against spyware, McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro, Cybertrust’s ICSA Labs, and Thompson Cyber Security Labs have made an alliance to create common identification and testing methodologies for this type of malware. Spyware, which is malicious software that affects the operation of a computer and is commonly used to gain information or to push advertising, has become a serious problem in recent times.

"Without some testing standards, marketers can make whatever claims they like and can find a tester to help them prove it," said Roger Thompson, chief technology officer of Thompson Cyber Security Labs. "As the situation currently is, the public is the big loser. This will set the stage for determining which products really do work, and which ones don’t."

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DragonMaster said:
It means they'll stop selling anti-spyware solutions or they're going to build an other program?
Vaulden said:
My first impression was pure joy. The idea of the companies getting together to work out the whole malware issue is great. I think overall this will be a good thing; however I hope the standards they come up with aren't used in such a way to put the other companies out of business. Free options like Spybot and Lavasoft's Ad-Aware have done great things for the anti-spyware industry, but are apparently not involved in this.
gamingmage said:
I hope that the companies can actually work together and make a standard that isn't so biased. Hopefully this will help in the development of other anti-spyware programs.
Need_a_Dell said:
Sounds like a good idea. If these corporations banded together, they could form a super hero society known as, The AV League! They would work together to eliminate the very scum from it's users HD's, and then have plenty of extra features to boot! Together, they shall bring people safely into the next generation of internet security!
nathanskywalker said:
Rock on!!! i was just wondering about that today. Was thinking pretty much...well something like that, and now they are going to do it!!! nice, imagine three copperative anti vi's instead of three anti vi proges just wandering around.... this is going to be revoutionary!!! If they can work togethor, they can indeed create a deadly foe, and each will learn to strenghten weanesses they have devloped. Mabye Symnatec will get back up there, seems like they used to be close to the top.....
Race said:
[quote]The five companies involved in the partnership are also reaching out to other companies that market anti-spyware products. “We are trying to get the industry to come together and make some intelligent choices,” said Mr. Bridwell. “We’re not trying to coerce anybody into doing anything. We have sent out invitations on mailing lists to invite them to join us by phone or email.”[/quote] This alliance is certainly good news for the public, but what I thought was especially positive was that these mainstream companies are not attempting to do this exclusively. Hugely popular and effective independent software vendors, such as SpyBot S & D. and AdAware need to be included if they choose to.As mentioned, this can only make it easier for users to choose a product that's best for them and/or their environment.Also....with no mention of it, I'm hoping Microsoft will involve itself in this, with it's anti-spyware program. I'm curious about this because I use MS Anti-Spyware as well.
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