Google Linux in our near future?

By Justin Mann on January 31, 2006, 12:14 PM
Ubuntu has quickly risen in the ranks of available distros to become one of the most popular, especially for desktops, known for its ease of installation and maintenance. It has been modified and released in various forms, and now even Google is preparing 'Google Linux' based on Ubuntu. Utilizing Google's vast resources and their history of good stuff, it's a sure bet that if Google wanted to put out a solid distro, they could. Details are sketchy though, so how far this will be taken isn't clear. The article brings up a good point about the goal, though:

”However, entering the desktop software world would be a huge step. Making Goobuntu as easy to use as XP will require a lot more development. It's unlikely to be ready for showtime any time soon, and it's possible Google itself hasn't finalised where the project should go.
Whatever Google's intentions, the input of Google engineers and developers, writing new features and fixing bugs, will be a huge boost to the Ubuntu project.”

Microsoft is perhaps Google's biggest rival at the moment, and the desktop market is not one to easily latch on to, so if Google does proceed it will be very interesting to see how MS reacts.

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DragonMaster said:
Way to go, Google! An easy-to-use Linux finally coming!That would make people more interested in getting Linux, because a lot of them are telling that it's jsut too complicated to use. In fact, I think that the real thing that they should work on is with program installation. When an RPM is not available, it's not easy for everyone to compile the source code.(Well, a script could do this easily)
vigilante said:
While I particularly like Linspire, I've never tried or even heard of Ubuntu. Hmm, I await the results with great anticipation...
shounen said:
i bet its gonna be good... CANT WAIT.....
Vaulden said:
I've been wanting to mess with Linux for the longest time. Coming from Google I would definitly give this distro a shot.In the mean time maybe I'll take a look at Ubuntu (how do you pronounce that anyway? ooboontoo?)
DragonMaster said:
You could look at Linspire, Mandriva and Fedora in the mean time. If you can use DOS, you should be able to use Fedora and Mandriva. Fedora is a bit more complicated but with "yumex", I think that it's almost as simple than Mandriva. Fedora seems more stable also.I don't know Linspire so I don't know if it's really easy to use. You have to pay tho.
gamingmage said:
Finally another incentive for people to go to Linux. Maybe this will show other companies like Google and others to consider doing this. I wonder how easy it will be to install, and if Google is going to require any special information or anything.
nathanskywalker said:
Google, linux.....i really just cannot imagine a hyrbid between the two....and i haven't used linux enough to know if i really like it....but dude, if it's free, or even under a hundred buck, call me game!!!!
fury said:
Another step for Google towards world domination. They seem to be gunning for it at a faster pace than Microsoft at the moment.
DragonMaster said:
By the way, Fedora Core 5(Coming in March) is going to be easier to use than FC 4 for people new to it.Here's the list of changes : [url][/url]More and more like Mandriva.
Kreuger said:
[b]Originally posted by vigilante:[/b][quote]While I particularly like Linspire, I've never tried or even heard of Ubuntu. Hmm, I await the results with great anticipation...[/quote]I don't mean to be rude but do you live under a rock? Ubuntu is one of the most talked about versions of Linux right now. Anyway, I like the idea of Google working on it's own OS, especially a Linux based one because it'll be open source. However I hope they don't keep Gnome as the WM because it's so damn ugly. KDE or their own would kick butt!
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