Toshiba, Sony and NEC to partner for 45nm research

By Justin Mann on February 1, 2006, 11:29 AM
Toshiba is set to extend a partnership they had between Sony and NEC, formerly collaborating separately between the two. The partnership between the trio will be used to further development of a 45nm process for ICs and microprocessors the companies manufacture. No company yet has a solid 45nm backing nor the facilities to properly produce it, so many, including Intel, AMD, Infineon, Samsung and this group are all working in their own fashion to create the environment and promote 45nm development. Collaboration is a big thing now, as often single companies aren't able to afford or keep up with the demand for these new techs. 45nm will probably be making appearances as soon as next year, a good leap forward for computing in general.

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PanicX said:
Too cool. Perhaps this paves the way for the PS4 with a cell processor at 45nm.
nathanskywalker said:
Gosh! that is tiny! Mabye silcone isn't at it's limit just yet. And intel has already made progress.[url]
-shows-progress-towards[/url]Wowsers, that is one tiny cell.....
DragonMaster said:
Sony and Toshiba -- partners? What's happening? They each started to develop HD-DVD and BluRay on their own side about at the same time!We're going to have small CPUs!
Need_a_Dell said:
These huge company collaborations are great for everybody in the long run. Not only will the companies make tons of dough, but consumers will get the best end of the deal; better technology. Perhaps the mega-collabortaions will be the new trend of 2006/2007. If so, then be ready to see some awesome advancemenst in the coming months.
Vaulden said:
This is great news; Multiple companies working together for the advance of technology. They keep pushing back the limits of the silicone chip!
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