nVidia nForce 4 driver package 6.85 available

By Justin Mann on February 3, 2006, 7:39 PM
Anyone using an nForce 4 based motherboard will be pleased to know that new drivers are available for your motherboard. This includes both AMD and Intel using motherboards, and is even an updated package for Windows XP x64, something that is definitely needed. Version 6.85 of the standard set and 6.83 of the x64 set are available at nVidia's site, and both have bug fixes, including addressing problems with the NRM driver. The updates aren't major, and don't address any particular security or performance issues, so updating isn't absolutely necessary. You can use these driver packages on non x16 NF4 boards as well.

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Need_a_Dell said:
Updates are ALWAYS good, no matter what they're for!
djleyo said:
nice i just upgraded to the 6.65v on my asus a8n sli deluxe time to get this one good thing it works for xp 64 cant wait to bad it doesnt give you any performance or security issues but you must keep updated in the world of computers
MonkeyMan said:
Nice, I don't need this driver, but it is a plus for ppl that are using an nForce 4 type motherboard, and it should improve any compatibility issues. Awesome job Nvidia!!!!!
PUTALE said:
it's for those who got the x16 motherboard, (not normal x8 SLI board), just so you guys know.
gamingmage said:
All updates are good even if they aren't significant or you don't have the item that they're updating. This is because it shows that they are still trying to make the product or products the best that they can be. Nvidia has been doing a great job of updating all of it's products with up to date drivers and such.
Canadian said:
Ohhh, not more. It seems like every week I update atleast 3 drivers.
sjps220 said:
I guess I'll do this update. I have no problems as of yet but it may prevent future complications. Thanks for the heads up TS.
cyrax said:
Let just hope the next round of forceware drivers actually see the 6800gs agp. I've been getting calls that wndows not seeing the card.
nathanskywalker said:
Huh, don't have a nvidia card yet, but goodo for those who need it.
evildust said:
Someone tried this new drivers on normal nforce 4 motherboards like asus an8-sli, deluxe or premium? If yes, did you see differences? I use drivers 6.70 and it's a little bit unstable.
bcronin said:
After installing this driver I could no longer successfully resume from S3 suspend mode (no video display). Reverting to 6.82 fixed it. For what its worth ...
Cy6erpuke said:
That for me then. I have nForce 4 motherboard, but with games running fine, who wants to take the risk. I am not to keen to find the next bugs.
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