Information on AMD's new AM2 socket

By Justin Mann on February 6, 2006, 12:50 PM
Any news is hopefully good news about the socket formerly known as M2, because it has been scarce, despite being supposedly available sometime this year. Anandtech has details, at least some, on the AM2 socket. We know already that it will be a DDR2-supporting socket, and that the performance of DDR2 may really shine when coupled with the Athlon64s native memory controller and very low latencies. DDR has put DDR2 to shame for quite a while now, almost entirely due to massive latencies on DDR2. There are photos of the new socket and it looks, thankfully, that we won't be seeing a LGA socket for AMD, at least not now.

Despite being a 940 pin socket, it won't be backwards compatible with existing 940 pin CPUs. Many cooling devices might not be either. The new socket has double the mounting screws on the board, meaning the newer sockets might be able to support heavier heatsinks. A foretelling of things to come? Speculative release dates leave AM2 to be had anytime between March and July. Let's hope!

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sjps220 said:
And here I am with my new 939 motherboard! Oh well, I'll wait for the 939 dual cores to come down in price. It would be great if the new socket helped ddr2 perform up to its potential as this article suggests. I'm very excited to see the memory performance and the new processors that will be compatible with this socket.
MonkeyMan said:
Sweet, I think this is going to be a great new socket for AMD. I'm not exactly sure, however, with it not being backwards compatible, and some cooling devices not being able to work with it also, that I would want to purchase it.I think it will be a great new socket for AMD, but we'll just have to wait and see what turns up.
nathanskywalker said:
Yes,huh, i'm still saving up to buy a 939 board(high school student heh). Definently going to get a dual core when they come down in peice, and a new board and chip that might be more popular means i just might get that chance alot sooner.As for DDR2, i've read some reviews, and i'm really not impressed. while it may be faster, the latency is not that great, which would be partly remedied by AMD 64 tech. Also, DDR2 is twice the price, as are the boards that support them. Personally i would just buy double the amount of DDR skip the DD2 ,and wait for DDR3 to come out. Then again, for those people who actually have the money,the M2 socket sounds like it should be an improvement (duh), and might even allow for DDR2's errosrs to become less noticeable. Of course in the case you purchase a board with the new M2 socket, you will also have to get a new chip, heat sink, and obviously, RAM.Your call, go for it.
need_a_dell said:
This sounds like a worthy upgrade. Once I heard about this new socket, I decided to postpone the building of my own personal computer so that I could wait for this. This will most deifinitely be an amazing upgrade to the existing AMD machines out there. This new socket would be amazing for creating a system around. (Which is my plan!) Hopefully all continues to go well on this front and we;ll see it out on store shelves in a matter of months. :)
PUTALE said:
can't wait to see what amd brigns to the table. It seems like it won't be anything exciting but who knows maybe amd has something up in its sleeve.
barfarf said:
Yeah i would am stilling waiting for the current dual-cores to come down. Like the Operton 165. That baby can overclock! Still even if M2 comes out in May most of will still need to wait until say x-mas until production kicks and prices come down. Especially with DD2. That needs to come down alot to make it worth.
Eko said:
The problem is that we don't know for sure if AMD will continue producing the socket 939 processors or stop the production completely starting June or July for this class of processors. Imagine what wil happen if next year at this hour you won't be able to get a new processor for your "old" mainboard, a dual core or an Opteron...Also, the requirements are pretty big: a new mainboard, a new processor are not exactly cheap, but adding the new DDR2 memory cost, plus a performant cooler, will lead to an enormous amount of money, for the beginning.I can only hope that the market will keep asking for the "old" processors, I can't wait to get a 3800x2 in my baby at home :)
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