Windows OneCare to be fee-based

By Justin Mann on February 8, 2006, 2:11 PM
Moving towards their dream of a subscription-based operating system (and ultimately a subscription-based computer), Microsoft has announced per-year pricing plans for Windows OneCare. For continued “complete” protection, a Windows machine running OneCare Live will be charged to the tune of $49.95 per year. This will include functionality for up to three computers, so the average home with 1-3 PCs will pay the same price. Microsoft may run into difficulties selling OneCare, as it took a long time to even convince people of the need for anti-virus protection, much less anti-hacker protection. This price doesn't drop for renewals either, with every year being another $49.95.

Microsoft's decision to charge customers extra for anti-virus protection comes despite repeated claims by the company about the level of importance accorded to security in Windows Vista. Allchin last month said: "Safety and security is the overriding feature that most people will want to have Windows Vista for." ®
It will be very interesting to see how people react to this.

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djleyo said:
WHAT come on microsoft i would rather buy mcafee or norton instead of paying a windows based A.V. that we know hackers are going to mess with and we will have to download countless updates and patches i will stick with norton or mcafee
Masque said:
[b]Originally posted by djleyo:[/b][quote]WHAT come on microsoft i would rather buy mcafee or norton instead of paying a windows based A.V. that we know hackers are going to mess with and we will have to download countless updates and patches i will stick with norton or mcafee[/quote]Don't count them out yet. This could easily take off. If the first year or so proves them to be equal to or better than McAfee or Norton, people will soon migrate to them.
nathanskywalker said:
Come on, you know you want it [url][/url] Yeah, whatever Ms, sorry pal. I just don't think MS has what it takes to make a good anti-vi application. They have enough trouble keeping hackers down and out of their current software. Considering how long they take to send out a single update (though they are not always to blame), i don't think i would trust them with my computers security systm. Mcaffee costs less, and i'm sure, would work better. Even if Ms does a good job, and the news coverage says "go" i think i'll just stay away from that...hey check it out[quote]To encourage its beta customers to sign on for the paid service, Microsoft is offering a promotional discount. Beta customers who sign up for a subscription during the month of April will receive their first year for $19.95. The beta test will end 30 April 2006.[/quote] MS is bribing people. Harsh? Ok they're "encouraging people". Sure, but umm...srry MS, No.
JMMD said:
IF the software is good and not bloated and slow it may be a decent deal for a household with 3 PC's to protect. For families with just 1 system, $50/year is a lot. It's really going to have to be overwhelmingly good to get people to switch from their current software.
Vaulden said:
So they are going to sell software to protect the holes in thier OS as well as perform maintenance steps that are already included? Am I missing somethign here?
Need_a_Dell said:
This may be a good idea, if OneCare actually works the way it's supposed to. Knowing MS, almost every program taht they come out with is riddled with holes and exploits that need to be fixed. OneCare will be utterly useless if that is the case. I also don't like the sound of a subscription based OS. Sounds like another money grabbing scheme that the public will most likely not want to endorse. People have to pay major money for everything nowadays, and having to pay annually for something like an OS isn't and should not be on that list. People already have to pay monthly for games, anti-virus protection programs, etc. If MS "dream" does come true, than they can go to hell. :@
otmakus said:
If they can integrate IE, windows messenger, firewall, anti spyware, scan disk, disk defragmenter, etc for free, why can't they integrate OneCare for free too? After all those integrated softwares, they surely can't be afraid to be accused of monopoly. I guess it's profit that's behind all this.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Isn't it fun to pay them to get protection from their security holes?
gentoo said:
I understand peoples doubts but how is this moving towards a subscription based OS or PC. I think it will take off because the masses follow Bill for some reason. Plus there anti-spyware has proved to be pretty good.
Kaleid said:
[quote]ultimately a subscription-based computer[/quote]Please god no.
robikewl said:
Saw that one coming. MS providing something free, in your dreams
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