Interview with CEO and co-founder of Opera

By Justin Mann on February 8, 2006, 3:06 PM
Very interesting things have been coming from Opera lately. Opera Mobile and Opera 9.0 are looking very promising. What else does Opera have planned and how do they see the market? Here's an interview with Jon Tetzchner, CEO and co-founder of Opera, in which he discusses just that and more. The interview covers some of the embedded projects Opera is working on, and talks a bit about open source and what Opera is contributing. It's interesting to note that opera has 170 programmers out of 270 total staff, much larger than I would have expected for both sheer company size and ratio of programmers to others. He also talks about emerging web technologies being developed, like Canvas, that look to make the web ďmore interesting.Ē He also talks about the availability of Opera Mini. If you follow Opera or OSS at all, it's definitely worth a look.

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nathanskywalker said:
[quote]Then we have Web applications, including things like Canvas. Canvas makes a part of the screen a bitmap that you can draw into, inside the browser window. By using Canvas, you can make just about anything. You can use basic drawing functions and line functions, and you can think where that leads. You can do games in it, a lot of cool stuff. [/quote] I like that idea. Wow...long interview. At least it seems long when reading, of course, i guess it has to be. 170 programers? That is a rather large staff. Haven't quite gotten used to opera's interface yet, it has some features that i'm not use to. Though it is very simliar to firefox.
sngx1275 said:
I read the whole interview as well, it was pretty long, and most of the first half was stuff that I had no idea what they were talking about.I was glad to see at the end that Tetzchner and IvarsÝy are wanting to keep ahold of their company as long as they can, despite offers in the past that would have made them very rich. He also laughed at the rumor of them selling out to Microsoft.
MonkeyMan said:
Well, IE7 is sending a very competitive signal to the browser users of the world. Opera is a top browser, but it seems like IE7 is sending all other browsers into a frenzy!!!!!!1
AeonXX said:
I guess SVG has gone by the wayside in light of Canvas, but my question is: how might this impact Macromedia Flash? Isnít Flash already designed to accomplish the same end results, and potentially look better as well? The only benefit I see here is speed and load times, but there will be a price to pay. All of that aside, Iím excited to see what the new Opera will be like! As I mentioned before, anything that helps put a dent in Internet Explorerís reign is good in my book. By the way, visit!
cyrax said:
I still hve mixed feelings about oprea. The fact you need to pay. when compared to mozilla....its not so great.
Need_a_Dell said:
I will continue to use the FireFox. It's got everything I need in one convienient package, and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE! VIVE LA FIREFOX!
sngx1275 said:
[b]Originally posted by cyrax:[/b][quote]I still hve mixed feelings about oprea. The fact you need to pay. when compared to mozilla....its not so great.[/quote]Are you fking serious? or are you just here to stir up problems? Opera has been FREE for a long time now guy.
Race said:
Informative interview...I've never checked out Opera, but I'm going to install it tomorrow on an old Win95 machine. I haven't been able to access many sites with it because it's got an old version of Netscape (4.79) installed. The system requirements for IE and Netscape (I think Firefox as well) have become too steep, but it appears that Opera (with java) should run on it, according to the web site.Hmmm....maybe I can make use of this thing after all.
exscind said:
yeah, Opera's been free for a good few months. They had a promotional offer where last year, at Opera's 10th anniversary, they were handing out free keys for the Opera browser. Apparently it was so successful that shortly after they made Opera entirely free, no registration or purchase a key. Opera is very good and equal with Firefox. I'm using the latest beta of Opera and it seems good, minus the minor bugs which crashes the browser, something I'm sure that will get fixed when the final release comes around. But the 8.x versions were fantastic and no complaints at all.
liquid said:
Opera is a wonderful browser. I have been using it for some time now. I highy recommend it to people who enjoy Firefox as well. The cool thing w/ Opera is it already comes with a sidebar, tabbed browsing, embedded email, themes and cool features from the minute you install it; unlike Firefox you have to go get then and dl them.
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