Some Xbox 360 titles won't run on cheaper version

By Justin Mann on February 8, 2006, 4:43 PM
It looks like the “cheaper” version of the Xbox 360 will end up depriving users of it more than just features It seems that some future 360 games will require hard drives, something that only the more expensive version of the console touts by default. The example giving is Sports Interactive's “Worldwide Soccer Manager 2006”, which will only be playable on the hard-drive equipped Xbox 360. Future titles face this possibility as well, such as Final Fantasy XI.

The article expresses doubt that the lack of a few titles on one version of the console probably won't affect many, and that's probably right, though one must wonder how much of this was predicted. As games get larger and more complex, however, the necessity of a hard drive will probably increase exponentially, and we could see a lot of backlash due to this in the future.

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DragonMaster said:
They still sold a lot of no-HDD versions as well. Will they have to add an upgrade to get an HDD in the light version?
djleyo said:
too bad for xbox users that got the cheap-o version time to get the hard drive***thats marketing for you ***lets hope microsoft lowers the price of the hardrive once they introduce a larger capacity HD
sngx1275 said:
That is kind of a slap in the face to those of you that bought the cheap version. But on the otherhand buyers should have seen this comming. What would really be a kick in the teeth is if the add on costs $150 or higher, making you spend even more than what you would have if you would have just bought the expensive one in the first place.
DragonMaster said:
What?!? The difference between both is less than 150$? The add-on will certainly cost more than 150$, the hard drive itself is a big part of the price.
nathanskywalker said:
[quote] What?!? The difference between both is less than 150$?The add-on will certainly cost more than 150$, the hard drive itself is a big part of the price.[/quote] Most likely...depends on the hard drives' size though. Although the drive probably will have to be rather....large to make any real differrence, and not be replaced. And of course...if you know what you are doing you could probably put a hard drive in, but like was pointed out, it will most likely cost more than $150. I do believe it is safe to say that this is very bad. One more problem overlooked by most people, until now. Though it is likely that MS already knew that the problem could occur.
JMMD said:
It was bound to happen. Anyone who thought all the games would work without a HD was just kidding themselves.
zs450 said:
The HDD add on is $100 here in the states (actually $99.99 if you're looking to be specific) You all are right, that is the difference in price between the two and I don't know one person who bought the Core system and didn't get an HDD yet. If you just can't wait, that's the way to go. Otherwise, just hold out until you can snag a premium box, it's worth it.
MonkeyMan said:
Well, I say you should all save your money, for the PS3, if you know whats good for ya. I'm telling you guys, the PS3 is going to be awesome!!!!!! and the games they have lined up, are going to wax any XBOX 360 game,(Except Halo 3 of course) but they have better titles than the 360. Both should be great systems, but I'm waiting on the PS3 baby!!!!!!!!!! wooohoo!!!!!!!!
djleyo said:
hey monkey man to badd you are willing to give a car payment away for a system that is awsome but doesnt really offer too much gaming features
AeonXX said:
More great news about the 360, what a surprise! I wouldn’t buy it for anything over $100 anyway, but at least this might’ve opened some consumer’s eyes to Microsoft’s ways. I feel sorry for anybody who thinks the 360 is superior to the PS3, it’s just sad to think about what they’ll be missing.
cyrax said:
Can you say,"ripoff?" Microsoft is looking for ways of squeezing every cent you have. Or is it a sign of the impending death of the 360?
Need_a_Dell said:
If you're going to drop all that dough on a new console, why would you skimp out and buy the cheaper one? Go out there and spend the extra $100 and get yourself the real deal. I think it's a bad move on MS's part to release games that won't run on the cheaper version. They should release an add-in HD for those who bought the bare bones system so that their money wasn't completely wasted.
sngx1275 said:
Pretty much everyone is 'dorked' I use that instead of a more stronger word because techspot is family friendly. But heh, it sucks that you old 360 owners got pwned by microsoft.I do have to laugh though, you guys (I'm referring to ALL the 360 buyers) bought into this hype that microsoft made. You, wherethere you knew it or not, just sold out to the very thing all of your friends stand against. You playstation 3 fans better be aware of this too. Nintendo fans, you are probably too late to get your own kicks in on this, but you might want to look out as well, because microsoft and playstation just owned you on console release dates, and believe it or not, that is a big deal.
sjps220 said:
I don't like that Microsoft did this. When they announced that they were coming out with 2 versions of the 360 I thought it was weird. The more expensive one was definitely a better deal and I felt the hard drive was important. I just think it's sad that the core was marketed as a budget solution and now it wont be backwards compatible or play some new games without the HD? So all microsoft did was take those people who wanted a budget verion of the 360 and make them pay more for the ability to play all the games released for it. I'll reserve judgement on the ps3 until I see it in action.
Race said:
I don't see it as a big deal.Some future games require the hard about another example...when a future PC game is released, and you have to upgrade some of your hardware to run it. Is this a rip-off?Now...if it wasn't simply an add-on for the difference in price between the two units, or the 360 didn't sell with a HD to begin with, that might be a different story.BTW.....I don't play console games, so I'm not biased.
Kaleid said:
Yes but you got to remember that many console users buy consoles just because they don't have to buy any upgrades.Upgrades for consoles tend not to be that popular...
barfarf said:
ah...well. Marketing and upgradiing is money money. I guess it worth to have the cheaper version as long as you can upgrade down the line. Still M$ is evil and greedy..
buttus said:
Is this actually a surprise to anyone? The size and complexity of the games as well as some of those that are upcoming how could anyone NOT think that they wouldn't need the hard disk?Besides, I think most people that purchased the base system did so because of limited funds. As with anything else in life, sometimes people wait until they have a specific reason before they lay out the additional dough. In this case, a specific game comes along that requires the hard drive.I personally plan on getting the 360 eventually. However, I decided to wait for (a) the price to go down and (b) for at least the second hardware revision (there is ALWAYS some glitches with any and all first generation consoles).Besides, Halo 3 will make a compelling arguement to buy a 360 :)
bushwhacker said:
Lucky, i purchased XBOX 360 included HDD (puny 10 GB to be extact!) still work with me fine, will plan to upgrade to 80gb... (XBOX 360 Provided Laptop HDD)
Vaulden said:
This is not an uncommon marketing scheme. Give them something cheaper that works, and then roll out stuff that requires an upgrade. Granted if the games coming out don't interest them; those that weren't planning on upgrading already still won't.
sjps220 said:
I agree with Kaleid. A lot of console gamers stay with consoles because they don't have to upgrade. And to have an upgrade that is necessary to play some new games less than 6 months after a consoles launch seems a little off to me.
gamingmage said:
And people still want an XBOX 360? Wow. I think that PC gaming is much better because you have the versatility of a PC, and it's really fun to go down to the local PC hardware supplier and pick up a new upgrade when you have the money. But hey, cosole gamers are lucky since it's only a one time price for the console and the games revolve around the console not the latest graphics engines which require graphics cards such as the 7800gt or gtx.
Malibu Stacey said:
Has this thread reached a critical mass of fanboys yet?
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