Information on future SLI notebooks

By Justin Mann on February 10, 2006, 2:30 PM
Information has been provided by the OEM of what will be SLI notebooks (supposedly) concerning the horsepower behind these new rigs that will give notebooks another huge foot in as desktop replacements. Based on the Turion ML or MT, these little beasts will sport dual GeForce G70M “Ultra” independent GPU cards, equipped to function in SLI mode. 256MB of RAM on each card means it isn't a lightweight SLI, but something that will, based on previous GeForce Go performance, compete side by side with desktop cards.

It's expected that we'll see these come from retailers including Alienware and Falcon NW. Don't expect to be carrying these around much – at over 15 pounds, they are up the three times heavier than other notebooks available. None of this is completely substantiated, but it is very exciting nevertheless.

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buttus said:
Boy oh boy are folks today spoiled. 6 years ago, Compaq notebooks were about 15lbs, and rugged enough to stop the occasional stray bullet AND power up.I checked my NOTEBOOK!!!Now, SLI in a notebook. Add in a Intel duocore Extreme and dual SATA drives and THEN we are talking about some heavy horsepower.Desktop replacement. BAH. When are people going to learn? There IS no such thing period. Time and again I have heard every single manufacturer from Sony to Toshiba to IBM talking about how their notebook is a desktop replacement. Fact is people LIKE having a desktop at home, and a notebook on the road. I've sold many of both and one thing I can say for certain is...rare is the company that standardizes on notebooks and also purchases port replicators, spare keyboards and mice, and monitors to affix them to. You'd think that as an overall strategy this would be a more cost effective solution over the long term but alas it is not. Until the day arrives where having desktops AND notebooks in the same corporate environment costs the same...then there will always be a seperation of notebook and desktop users.
JMMD said:
That would be great to bring along to Lan meets. Should be interesting to see what the benchmarks are like.
djleyo said:
sounds sweet but think of the size of the notebook and the power consumption not to mention the intro prices ***im looking foward to test one of theses babies out but lets see what happens
cyrax said:
Sli in notebooks? That seems a bit excessive. Especially the heat and power it will be pulling.
Need_a_Dell said:
This is a bit extreme. Videocards in notebooks aren't even all that popular yet, and now they're introducing SLi? Seems a bit silly if you ask me. If you're going to put down that much money, why would you get a gaming laptop? Put the money towards a better desktop rig. Running an SLi laptop won't get you very far on battery life either! (I'm thinking an hour and a half max!) Keep gaming to desktops and simple computing to laptops until the technology can truly support the weight of mobile gaming.
jmag034 said:
This is rediculous....pretty soon you will be getting about 10 minutes of battery life in a 30lb notebook.
Race said:
Besides the size, SLI should present some interesting heat problems as these 'tanks' may not only stop a bullet, you might be able to fry some eggs on one as well.
gamingmage said:
This is great for people who want a portable gaming computer to take to lan parties and such. Really heavy though, I wonder if this will make or break the sale.
nathanskywalker said:
Ummmm.yeah, if you need a practically notebook for work, dude, forget it. IF you want a gaming machine, this will make a good portable game player, but really, desktops were meant for games, notebooks for work.
CrossFire851 said:
Well we live in a revolutionary time/world, notebooks of yesterday were ment for simple internet browsing..... TODAY they are for SLI gaming!!!!
Mictlantecuhtli said:
This 15-pound "notebook" reminds me of Commodore SX-64. Just as fast as normal C64 (like this vs. desktop PCs) and "portable".
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