Intel to ship 60 million dual core CPUs in 2006

By Justin Mann on February 13, 2006, 11:30 AM
What's Intel up to in 2006? Aside from prepping quad core CPUs, Intel is looking to greatly increase volume of dual-core processors in the market to the tune of 60 million new P4 Ds shipped this year. Despite the rave about it, dual core is still very new to market, with most retailers still offering primarily single core solutions. Part of that has been from a lower supply of available duallies. That'll change this year, with more than a fourth of Intel's processor sales estimated to be coming from dual core based chips.

Will AMD do the same? Shortage of the 3800+ was felt to a great degree when at one point it wasn't even available online for purchase. This year, Intel will also bring 65nm as a standard for their dual core lineup, greatly alleviating the problem some of the hotter 3.2GHz and faster dual core CPUs are facing.

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PUTALE said:
with intel finally getting the dual core at the right tempereature and performance, I won't be surprise to see it will be a very hot product this year, specially with the aggressive pricing that intel has put on.
mastronaut said:
I love my dual core, it's fast and plays high end games with ease. I hope gaming companies follow the lead of ID and put out patches for dual core processor like Quake 4 did with its 1.05 patch. It makes a notable difference in gameplay.
PanicX said:
I know these Core Duo processors has put off my laptop purchase until they arrive in mass. I can't help but wonder about the problems that a "quad-core" cpu will cause as Windows XP is only licensed for up to 2 CPU's. Many OS's require their server version for use on 4 processor or more machines.
JMMD said:
My next PC is going to have an Intel Dual Core CPU. I still like AMD is my game machine but for my everyday machine, Intel dual seems to be the way to go. Prices aren't bad at all.
barfarf said:
What would be really great is when intel goes down the cool 65nm process that will allow for great over-clocking.
djleyo said:
its official this is the year of dual core cpus really im not interested in intel's numbers im more interested in AMD i curently have a 3500+ and planning in getting a dual core or an FX series cpu
buttus said:
I am not entirely sold on the Dual Cores for two reasons.One is the Apple bit. Performance hasn't been what it "should be".Two is licensing. None of the software manufactures have come forward with solid policies on Dual Cores. There are some machines out there with Dual CPU's with Dual Cores which end up showing as 4 CPU's. Until something solid comes down (as some licenses are CPU driven) then I am hesitant to recommend this CPU line.Now, I do understand the theory of the Duals. I am excited about the possible performance of Duals. However, theory and practical real world results are two different things.Perhaps I am too pragmatic.
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