TechSpot Giveaway: Fourth winner announcement

By on February 14, 2006, 12:49 PM
Congratulations DragonMaster! You are the fourth and last winner in our New Year giveaway.

It is very unfortunate that we can't giveaway more than four prizes, having several members deserving the prize (hence making sense this is a random drawing once eligible members are selected). We are grateful for your participation and we hope to continue seeing more of you in the news comments and forums. Enter here for more details.
TS' staff and moderators selected members based on their activity during the January 26 - February 10th period.

Users from period #1 who continued participating (6x chance): barfarf*, canadian, cyrax*, DragonMaster, mentaljedi, MonkeyMan, nathanskywalker*, otmakus, PanicX, PUTALE, vigilante*.

Users from period #2 (3x chance): Cartz*, Cy6erpuke, fury, Kaleid*.

Users from period #3 (2x chance): AeonXX*, Buttus*, djleyo*, Eko, gamingmage, JMag034, JMMD, Need_a_Dell*, Nic, Race*, Vaulden*.

New users added to the pool: cookiedude, crossfire851, enasni, evildust, liquid, Masque, mastronaut, sjpd220, skip, sornypanafonic

*Received a bonus chance due to good participation during this last period.

Those wondering why you weren't included, remember that users are hand-picked, meaning quality and relevance of comments matter A LOT. If this wasn't the case we could simply run a search of users posting over 20 items during the contest period, but the fact that we read everything you post makes a difference.

The winner has now been contacted through his registered email, and we expect a response during the following five days. Original rules for the New Year giveaway can be found here.

We will now give it a rest for a little while, but rest assured, more contests are coming your way later on 2006! Suggestions for future giveaways are welcome, too.

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nathanskywalker said:
*boom shackalaca *boom!!!! Dude, you got it!!! totaly had alot of good posts too!!! almost 400,think you earned it! And looking at your system specs i'm guessing you'll be taking the money ;) jk, whatever you do dude, well, ROCK ON!!!!!!! the last card is yourSSSS wHAOOOOOOOOO!Go DRAGON MASTER!!!
buttus said:
Well, congrats are in order for the winner. Kudos to you my friend and enjoy your new found video card bliss.Great contest overall and I for one will look forward to the next one.
djleyo said:
good for you dragon master enjoy dude maybe next time i could take some piece of coold hardware to mexico to all participants nice to compete with all of you see you back her in *****TS******
Julio said:
We will now give it a rest for a little while, but rest assured, more contests are coming your way later on 2006! Suggestions for future giveaways are welcome, too.
Need_a_Dell said:
Great job DragonMaster! I wanted to win so badly, but good on you! (Wish I had known about this contest a little earlier! Win some and you lose some.)
sjps220 said:
My suggestions for future giveaways: the exact same thing! This was a great contest with great prizes. Congratulations dragonmaster! I'm sure I don't need to tell you to enjoy your new card!
Kaleid said:
d'oh! Congrats though...I'll still stick around commenting news if it's alright and drop in to the forum perhaps a bit more :)
DragonMaster said:
Hehehe, thanks all!It was pretty fun to write and read comments, especially with the iPod sueing thing!Yeah, my system is pretty 'ol(The P3 800 is the one I CAN use), but at the same time, a 7800 GT is worth more than that...It would be nice if I could use my XP 2000 again,(I'm the one who spent all the $$$ on the parts) my brother is the one who's using it 100% of the time, so I'm stuck using the P3 800(how fair!). Maybe that if I get a 7800 he'd buy a Sempron system? Hard decision!
Cartz said:
Wow, thx for the bonus chance, even though I gots nuthin :)Next time around, you should give out Socket AM2 mobo/processor combos if it's affordable. (I'm assuming the next contest won't be on until after the release of AM2) as I'm sure that would draw even more people to TS then this contest did. Either that or 7900s next month :DCheers guys, thanks for making my work day a little more interesting.
Masque said:
Congrats DM.....I think that's just awesome. Hopefully, you can find some use for it (or the $ equivalent posted in the rules). If you can't....hell, just let me know. :)
DragonMaster said:
[quote] Congrats DM.....I think that's just awesome. [/quote]Yeah, me too! I can count on one hand the number of times I won something in my whole life(I can also tell you what it was, the biggest being a 15$ CAD gift certificate)... That makes one more![Edited by DragonMaster on 2006-02-13 16:36:26]
crossfire851 said:
Good Job DragonMaster may your new winnings bring loads of fun!!! :-DThere's always the gift card wich is all ways fun tooAll in all good job!
mastronaut said:
Congrats DragonMaster! Holy crap you lucky stiff! I envy you and am happy for you at the same time. Nice to see my name up there in lights too, I'll be sticking around to throw in my six pence (like it or not) hahah I'm kinda addicted now. My suggestion for a new prize would be a nice soundcard like Audigy ____ (fill in the blank)! Cheers!
mastronaut said:
Like this one for instance Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty (being reviewed on this here website)!
mastronaut said:
The more I think about it, it would be fair and balanced if you gaveaway an ATI X1800X!
AeonXX said:
Congratulations! My vote for the next contest is the X-Fi for gamers, I want one, but I don't want to buy it. :)
howard_hopkinso said:
Congratulations DragonMaster. Well done, and well deserved.I look forward to seeing you on the forums.Regards Howard
djleyo said:
TS give us some processors a FX series proccesor would be ni e cough cough wink wink ;)for future giveaways you could do any type of hardware mobo cpus THE one i would like to see is the new kit from corsair the xms 2gb kit thats a sweet giveaway you could give 5 of those kits in a similar way like the 78000gt cards
cyrax said:
Noooooo....oh well. Congrats man.
evildust said:
Gratz ;)You should more often contests with pretty prizes like that. Good motivation ;)
otmakus said:
Congrats Dragonmaster, and Happy Valentine everyone. I still think the best giveaway would be a video card. Another 7800 GT would be nice, since so many of us still only have far lower video cards.
luvhuffer said:
congrats to all the winners, and a big thank you to Julio and the gang for the whole project. You guys must have been doing some serious reading. Time to rest the eyes.......until the next one.
poertner_1274 said:
Congratulations DragonMaster! Well earned. See ya around TS.
vigilante said:
WOOT, another one bites the dust! You got it just in time before it becomes out dated, lol.And dang it all, I had 6 times chances and a bonus and still couldn't get one :(I suggest the next contest is something cheaper and you give more out. Like a speaker system, game collection, or Razor mouse with matchin Ratpadz or something.Contrats to all the winners, enjoy!
PUTALE said:
CONGRAT MANso sad that I lost again:(.
barfarf said:
Good Posting DragonMaster! I read many of your posts and enjoyed them. I look forward to do more posting battles with you in the future. Enjoy your new toy!Hey Vigilante, I am in the same boat as you are. No pretty toys for us. =( Ah well i enjoyed taking part in the news postings. As a suggestion for a new content i like vigilante idea of smaller prizes and do them more often. Like weekly.
Vaulden said:
Congrats to all the winners. And DragonMaster, with those specs take the money and get yourself something nicer. ;)
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