Toshiba to launch HD DVD players in March

By Derek Sooman on February 19, 2006, 9:54 AM
Toshiba's US consumer products division has announced that the company is to release two HD DVD high-definition video disc players for the US market in March. These early editions, however, may require significant upgrades over the next several months to adapt to emerging standards. Sounds like Toshiba is desperate to get some products out, whether they are ready or not.

A promotional brochure for Toshiba's HD-XA1, released today, characterizes HD DVD as having already won the battle with Blu-ray, by touting its own format as, "Officially recognized by the DVD Forum as the next high-capacity HD disc." The brochure depicts simulated frames of iHD-endowed movies, with superimposed menus and commentary feeds, and one example which appears to depict the capability of shopping via Internet for items which happen to be included in a clip from a home movie. The promotion includes the very skillfully worded catch-phrase, "The potential is there," which can certainly be taken literally.

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Kaleid said:
Surprised that so many voted for HD-DVD as a preferable format over bluray..
cyrax said:
Wow, i have to say this is early. I guess blue ray is going to have to play catch up.
mentaljedi said:
Blu-ray is the favourite for consumers, and HD-DVD are the favourite for the manufacturers. mmm, i wonder who takes priority? Guess this shows you. everything for profit.
crossfire851 said:
Although I support Blue-Ray(all the way) HD-DVD I think will catch on though for it's name. Consumers like new inavetive technologies but not change. Blue-Ray I think is to "mordern" for the average joe, and look it already beat blue to race. The funny thing is a small majority of people are still stuck on (and with) the old VHS tapes.[Edited by crossfire851 on 2006-02-19 16:46:51]
canadian said:
I hate the whole blu-ray hd-dvd compitition. I really hope one just, crushes the other. I cant stand the thought of having to buy some movies in one format, and some in another. Also, in Japan, blue-ray is on...I think its 3rd generation. Not sure about what generation, so dont quote me on that...
DragonMaster said:
[quote]I cant stand the thought of having to buy some movies in one format, and some in another. [/quote]Once one format will die, they'll be available for the other.
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