Malicious hackers to face 10 years in jail in the UK

By Derek Sooman on March 8, 2006, 9:02 PM
Malicious crackers who break into computer systems, supply tools to attack systems, do denial-of-service attacks and things of this nature could be looking at 10 year jail terms in the UK. New laws, proposed by Home Secretary Charles Clarke, will also see foreign crackers being extradited to the UK to stand trial. The move is seen as a positive one by some security experts.

"This term would be appropriate for an organised internet crime racket that has deliberately targeted businesses or government organisations. It would not be appropriate to enforce this sentence on mis-guided teenagers," Alan Bentley, managing director of patch management firm PatchLink, said.

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eko said:
Ten years? Oh come on now... I'm sure we'll see a 17 year old facing life imprisonment pretty soon...
gudel said:
it's about time.. pound me in the ass prison!
enasni said:
This sentence is a bit lengthy and I think it should be reduced according to the severity of the crime. Yes hacking is the crime but what was hacked and if anything was taken is what I mean about the severity. Organized attacks (I think) should recieve a heftier sentence and like the article says "It would not be appropriate to enforce this sentence on mis-guided teenagers."
Cartz said:
10 Years as a maximum seems like a good deterrant for all those haters who try to shut down servers for the fun of it.Seriously, it's the online equivilant of throwing a brick through a storefront window. But that storefront doesn't just service one city, it services the entire internet. Appropriate sentence, as long as the prosecution needs to prove malicious intent.Remember: The internet is serious business.
eko said:
No it's not. I had another post, which I think was deleted. Some of you people don't understand the difference between hacking and cracking, it's not the same thing. Big brother is already watching.. let's watch him for a change !I presume this post will also be deleted, for supporting hacking, right ?!
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