ATI to allow stock-overclocked chips to be sold

By Justin Mann on March 13, 2006, 12:03 PM
A great selling point for many vendors selling GeForce cards is to have them come out of the box stock-overclocked, giving them a slight performance boost over competing cards with the same GPUs. Now, the ability to sell like that may also be given to ATI resellers.

ATI will provide a warranty for such chips and there will be some kind of validation process where ATI will be able to control the overclocking frequency. After you sell your chips you kind of have to give the warranty for them.
Some vendors have made themselves quite known for this practice, such as eVGA, and it's likely that this may encourage some nVidia-only vendors to try out ATI cards as well. ATI is no doubt looking for ways to better compete with nVidia this year following the continuing success the entire 6x and 7x series for them have been.

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DragonMaster said:
I'm sure Asus was doing that for a couple of time but showing the normal operating MHz number...Isn't that marketing more than anything else? They know that the chip can be overclocked more but they don't make it stock because people would say it can't be overclocked a lot. It would be nice to get that for people staying with the stock speeds, like me.
Kev_Boy said:
ATi used to allow this, but then they didn't anymore... one of the reasons Hercules quit graphics cards.Good to see they're gonna allow it again!
eko said:
Good! Good! The Force is strong with ATi at this time :))If they'll cut prices as well, then NVIDIA's position will start to crack... As for us, the final consumer, the cheaper and more powerful the video cards, the better.As for overclocking... hey, I managed to rise my Leadtek 6600 GT Extreme Edition from "stock" - overclocked out of the box- 550/1100 to 585/1300... and it's rock steady...As for the processor, a mere increase from 2000 real (3200+) to 2500 real - hey, that's more than a 3800+...Overclock as much as you can, my friends, but be careful with those voltages, or things may get messy!
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