Dual-Radeon X1600 to hit the streets in April

By Justin Mann on March 24, 2006, 3:22 PM
The first video card touting two Radeon GPUs on a single PCB has been made available from GeCube. Utilizing the X1600 GPU and dubbed “Gemini”, the card is desgned to be used on any PCI-Ex motherboard, whether or not it supports SLI/Crossfire, due to a separate processor on the PCB that handles connecting the two. It has the capability for up to four video outputs, but exactly how the card performs or how the software will interact with it isn't made clear. ATI is helping GeCube develop a custom driver for the card, which will supposedly be available as soon as next month. Soon, perhaps, we'll even see a dual-core GPU.

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paranoid guy said:
Any price given?
crossfire851 said:
Now this what I'm talking about. about 500$ american...
paranoid guy said:
Wow, that's about 400. Shame games can't really take advantage of it yet. That's going to be my excuse for not getting it anyway.
exscind said:
Perhaps if they used higher cards like X1800 or X1900, the initial reaction would be better than an "eh." Sure, you can essentially utilize 4 X1600s, but somehow I think 2 X1900XTX (each can be found for around $500 USD nowadays) will still outperform 4 X1600s.
seanp789 said:
They wont make a dual core GPU because gpus are already very parallel in nature. They will simply add more shader units. Nvidia looks to be supporting SLI long term and have commented against a "dual core GPU" in online interviews.
eko said:
@ 500 USD it's very expensive. I was thinking of 350 - 400 Euros. For that money (400) be sure that you have a pair of Leadtek's 6600 GT in SLI and you'll kick ass. Shame on ATi for the prices. Bravo for their performance.But I still won't buy one !
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