Quad-core CPUs less than a year away

By Justin Mann on March 27, 2006, 12:00 PM
A CPU beefier than anything a desktop has seen before is on the horizon. Quad Core is set to arrive with both Intel and AMD variants as early as 1Q 2007, only a year from now. Under the guise of the “Kentsfield” core at Intel and the “K8L” series from AMD, if we really do see 4-way cores from both companies it will be one of the fastest accelerations in desktop CPU technology in a long time. Conroe and AM2 are both slated for a release earlier this year, and with clock speeds not shifting much from either camp, a quad-core CPU seems to make a lot of sense. Thermal concerns definitely come in to play, here, but both AMD and Intel have been laying out plans to reduce power consumption per core and overall.

Intel is already set to go with 65nm production, and AMD is still using 90nm, so it's possible that we may see an Intel chip run cooler than an AMD chip for a quad-core setup. Hopefully AMD will be on the 65nm camp by then. Time will tell!

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PanicX said:
And I guess all these desktops will be running Linux as Windows XP can't be licensed for more than 2 CPU's.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
[b]Originally posted by PanicX:[/b][quote]And I guess all these desktops will be running Linux as Windows XP can't be licensed for more than 2 CPU's.[/quote]Apparently the license applies to physical CPUs, not cores.
kkelley515 said:
Great news for number crunchers. Bad news is that some slimy salesman is going to convince my gramdmother that she needs all of the extra power.
arabic58 said:
With all due respect, I think, you guys are trying to fight 21st centry code bugs with 19th century buggie whip thinking problems and solutions. I can imagine a single server dedicated to making usable the 3D sounds that occur. Quad processor , 8 core CPU's, trying to do the required 4 terraflop calculations being pushed out by 1024 A/D converters connected to 1024 microphones. Why 1024? So that a machine can have the chance to handle in real time subtlities of human speech and mimic the human ear.
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