NVIDIA 'SoundStorm 2' to power Playstation 3 audio?

By on March 30, 2006, 7:26 PM
Slides now online from Sony's presentations at GDC include some juicy details about the Playstation 3 and the chips that power it. Among the slides is a high-level block diagram of a PS3 system that shows many of the system components connected as one would expect. But right there among them is an arrow shooting out of the side of the NVIDIA-supplied RSX graphics processor with a label that will raise some eyebrows: "8 Ch. Audio". This suggests none too subtly that the RSX will provide the PlayStation 3's audio capabilities as well as its graphics.

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crossfire851 said:
Nvidia??? There graphics, It should have been Creative. Best for the job.
seanp789 said:
this makes alot of sense since HDMI was supposed be the main interface. I dont think many people connect their PCs to their home theater systems though. Its somewhat of a luxury.
cyrax said:
I have faith in nvidia. Sony? Not a chance, never liked them, and was before the whole DRM issue came up.
Xenrid said:
[b]Originally posted by crossfire851:[/b][quote]Nvidia??? (They're) graphics, It should have been Creative. Best for the job.[/quote]To be honest Creative has done more to hurt the computer sound industry than it has to help it (not including their early years where they pioneered the industry). Most of their dominance is due to buying off competitors so that they can bury any superior technology and continue to pedal boards built with low-end inexpensive chips. Aureal and it's last iteration of A3D positional audio is probably the best example of this. A3D was beginning to find wide acceptance in the computer gaming industry & Creative didn't want any competition to it's EAX (which at the time was little more than filtered audio). So they baught Aureal, buried A3D and now thanks to them we're stuck with the EAX standard(s) which are terribly confusing to program for and even worse to support in non-Creative hardware even though the earlier versions are supposedly an open standard. Fortunately they have been forced to change this business model recently as they now have to create a compelling reason for people to replace their old Creative card with a new one they've actually begun to produce quality cards again. However, they have yet to produce a card that is capable of Dolby Digital surround encoding like Nvidia's Soundstorm was doing years ago (and sadly much of Soundstorm's raw power was left untapped). The beauty using Nvidia Soundstorm for the PS3 is the same as it was for the Xbox (for which the original soundstorm was developed). High Definition 3D & Video, Multi Channel 3D Positional HD Audio, and now possibly even game Physics support in a single chip solution creates a simpler board layout, lower power consumption, and lower overall cost of production and price point for the PS3. Nvidia is more than up to the task judging from the excellent sound solution they've already produced. If we're lucky we'll see this solution turn up on the PC end as well with the eloquence of all AV passed out thorough a single HDMI connector. Creative may finally have some healthy competition again in this market. [Edited by Xenrid on 2006-04-05 13:17:39]
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