The next generation of Spam

By Derek Sooman on May 1, 2006, 5:26 AM
Spam is one of the things about the Internet that I hate. There's nothing worse than having to weed your way through mail after mail offering you Viagra, genital extension creams and pictures of Brittney Spears naked just to get to the good stuff. Companies like Microsoft and others have pledged to do something about it, and just as we seem to be getting somewhere, it looks like spam is going into the next generation.

According to the Globe and Mail, Canadian researchers have figured out a way to create spam that could bypass the best filters and trick even the most savvy computer users into opening messages they would normally delete.
This new generation of spam utilises hijacked machines to send mail that appears to be legit. In fact, the mail can appear to be from someone that you really know, when in fact itís from a spammer.

John Aycock, a computer scientist at the University of Calgary, was quoted as saying, "It's very much an arms race between the good guys and the bad guys."

"What we've been trying to do here at the university is look ahead at this arms race, try to figure out what's coming down the road and how we can build defenses for it now, said Aycock."

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DragonMaster said:
[quote]"If you get a piece of email from someone you know, it's written the way they normally write their email and signed the way they sign their email and it says, 'Hey, click on this link,' what are you going to do? Well, you're probably going to click on the link," Aycock said.[/quote]Uh, no, it looks like spam.How do they plan to see which persons have sent you some messages? They hack your account?Right! They've found it and they're presenting it to everyone... How bright it is!
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