Blue Security site under attack

By Derek Sooman on May 7, 2006, 3:32 PM
Israeli internet security firm Blue Security has been the subject of a massive distributed denial of service attack. Staff are working around the clock to get the servers back on their feet, and resume normal business. Blue Security told the SANS Internet Storm Center in an email that the company website has been receiving spam-based threats and accusations, and it is likely that it is these same parties that are responsible for the DDoS attacks.

"I have to say that the great lengths spammers have gone to in order to bring us down are worrying, not only in the specific context in which they took place in this last week, but (also) given the general idea that so much power is available to people of this nature and that they are willing to use it in order to see things go their way," Guy Rosen, a Blue Security analyst, said. "Seeing us as a threat, they did not seem to care who they brought down on the way."

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Phantasm66 said:
ine.asp[/url][quote]Starting Monday, May 1st, the Blue Community has been the target of a criminal spammer. This criminal spammer, PharmaMaster, is attempting to deny our community the right to opt-out from his spam messages.Aside from blackmail emails sent to community members, there were two separate attacks on Blue Security itself. The first attack was to block worldwide access to Blue Security's corporate website ( by tampering with the Internet backbone using a technique called "Blackhole Filtering". The Second attack was a DDoS attack on Blue Security's operational system.When we realized the spammer had blocked access to our website to obstruct members from using our service or access our website to receive more information, we performed a series of tests to determine what had happened. These tests clearly indicated that the corporate site was not subject to a DDoS attack since it was accessible from inside Israel and there was no load on the system. These symptoms were in accordance to what the spammer had indicated he would do (i.e. block all traffic to our site from outside of Israel) in an ICQ session.In order to inform our community of what had happened, we used a previously-existing blog site for the Blue Community which had been host to our corporate website prior to July 2005. We posted a short blog item to inform our users and other constituents of the situation and how we were working to solve the issue. After the name server had been updated such that traffic to reached the blog, the blog was active and functioning and many users had posted comments. It was only 40 minutes after the redirection that PharmaMaster decided to launch a DDoS attack on, now hosted at TypePad.Blue Security shares the pain of's community that was seriously affected PharmaMaster's criminal acts. Those who blame Blue Security for the attack only further the agenda of PharmaMaster to impose his will on all Internet users. [/quote]
Phantasm66 said:
Remotely triggered Blackhole filtering:[url]
omegatron said:
its sick to see spammers do things like this...but its only a sign that it works... im a happy bluefrog members and once the website is back and runningeveryone should download it...then download the firefox plugin
ok this is gonna sound sort of racist but the first thing that came to my mind when i heard isreal security company was muslim hackers, i mean in not jewish in anyway and religious at all but it's sort of obvious that the most likely people who would even bother to spam the hell out of them would be muslim hackers. just look at what there doing in isreal every day in person
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