Playstation 3 to launch on 17 Nov

By Derek Sooman on May 9, 2006, 1:36 AM
During the E3 opening keynote, Sony has revealed that the Playstation 3 is to launch on the 17th of November. There will be two versions of the console, one for $500 and another for $600, which will include a motion-sensitive controller.

The PS3 will come standard with a hard drive - in combination with a 20 GB version, the console will cost $499; with a 60 GB version, the price climbs to $599. Hirai promised that there will be two million consoles available at launch. Another two million will ship until 31 Dec 2006.
The new PS3 controller will very much resemble the current PS2 controller, except that it will integrate Bluetooth wireless capability and will also sense hand movements. This will mean that, instead of pushing buttons, players will be able to simply move the controller to control characters on the screen.

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Didou said:
The motion sensing is quite far from being as advanced as the Wiimote & to make matters worse, it means the controller no longer has the rumble feature. You can tell it's a last minute addition with all its shortcomings.
Julio said:
Still a pretty solid release on time for this year's holidays, nevertheless at $500 it is not for everyone, same as with the Xbox 360 which may drop in price for the holidays.
seanp789 said:
$500+ is what a blu ray player sells for anyways. I think the ps3 will sell well but I dont think it will catch up to xbox360. 360 will have more games and a $100-$200 cheaper pricetag.
Didou said:
$500 for a Blu-ray player or $500 for a Playstation 3 [b]without HDMI[/b]...
barfarf said:
I can not believe how expensive the sony and the xbox is. Wow. Well i dont own any and dont plan too. I rather get 30" LCD. hmmmmm yummie
DragonMaster said:
Not that bad. PS3 is not already under-specs compared to computers, like Xbox was (Which, remember, was NOT cheap)Can you buy a comparable $600 computer? With Blu-Ray, and everything?[quote] the Wiimote [/quote];)
Julio said:
Specs or not specs, at $600 you are buying a console not a fully functional PC. I'm not buying any console at that price point, probably with no games, and not even two controllers in the box but one.
DragonMaster said:
[quote] Specs or not specs, at $600 you are buying a console not a fully functional PC. [/quote]TV Blu-Ray drives will probably cost $500 or more and you get a powerful gaming console and a media server for $100 more. BUT, it's not a computer, has no keyb or mouse (While it can probably handle Bluetooth ones), no PCI slots, etc.
mentaljedi said:
Well sony just had to copy nintendo. and just look at that price tag. Their conference was lowsy too. I mean, they only showed off what? 5 games? Wheras nintendo showed off like 12. I would NOT pay 600 dollars for the ps3. Its pretty much total madness. On the upside, at least they're releasing it at the same time worldwide.
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