Sony delays 3 key titles for PS3's release

By Justin Mann on May 19, 2006, 8:17 PM
Not any particular surprise with the PS3, it appears that some of the most hyped titles for the new consoles launch will be delayed. In particular, Formula One, Motorstorm and Heavenly Sword won't be coupled with the PlayStation 3 in November, and instead are pushed back to an as of yet unset date in 2007. Some of these, the latter in particular, were games that Sony was showing off and quite proud of at E3, so this may impact the reception it has in the market. The PS3 will still have a launch larger than Xbox 360, with 15 or so titles still on schedule, so kudos to Sony for at least giving us more than a handful to start with.

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scrud said:
eh sorry bout ye, xbox 360 had 18 titles at launch...more than the ps3 will have will so get yr facts right please...anyway the ps3 will hav less than 15 games cos most developers dont even hav a dev kit for the that u think was essential in making good games dont u think.
9Nails said:
When they package all 15 titles in the console package, then I'll get excited. I really loathe the thought of purchasing a $399 - $799 console and not taking away some games with the purchase.
scrud said:
at the moment only one game will make it to launch..heres the details:# Untold Legends -- 60%# MotorStorm -- 50%# Mobile Suit Gundam -- 20%# Resistance: Fall of Man -- 70%# Warhawk -- 30% # Gran Turismo HD -- 20%# Heavenly Sword -- 50%# Genji 2 -- 60%# F1 '06 -- 60%# Virtua Tennis 3 -- 20%# Sonic the Hedgehog -- 40%# Madden 07 -- 30%# Heavy Rain -- 20% WarDevil -- ?? (this is the first PS3 demo of the game; it has previously been built on PC, and this early PS3 build does not yet have anti-aliasing, motion blur, or depth of field)so there u have it...resistance is on course for launch maybe sonic cos its a worthless easy game to make(my opinion)if any of the rest of these titles are released at launch..i assure u that they are all advice :if u really want a ps3 , i would wait till february march area when you will get a better deal for a lot of money that you are spending...if u want some fantstic games this xmas...get an xbox360...its alot cheaper and has much better games if you give it a looking at this not a microsoft fan speaking from experience
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