IE7 will be more secure, says Microsoft

By Derek Sooman on May 29, 2006, 2:36 AM
The current incarnation of Internet Explorer has attracted its fair share of criticism over the years, most notably for the security problems associated with the browser. Microsoft has now promised that the next version, Internet Explorer 7, will tackle many of the criticisms levelled at the current version, especially in the area of security.

The final version of IE7 is due out in the second half of this year, and the software is currently in its second beta version. IE7 pinches some features from other browsers, such as Firefox and Opera, including tabbed browsing. There are some other cosmetic changes as well, such as menus being hidden by default, but the real work has been in securing the new browser. Microsoft promises that it will be architecturally sounder, and will have features such as the colour of the address bar changing to indicate the safety of a site, green for safe sites, red for known phishing sites and yellow for suspected ones.

There will be versions of Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP as well as Windows Vista.

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canadian said:
So, basically microsoft is stealing the best of all the browsers out there, and trying to combine it into one?
Phantasm66 said:
Well yes, but then everyone who writes software tries to do that in a sense. Tabbed browsing is now an accepted standard in modern browsers for personal computers, its only natural that IE would want to adopt it. I think IE7 will be good. I think it will be more secure, and will probably be nice to use. The browser in Vista betas is very cool, and that's an early IE7.
bushwhacker said:
I dont think so, Phantasm66. Mozilla FIrefox is only one best browser in all around. Basically IE7 is almost clone to them, but wont function same. The only they missing is THemes and Extension.
spike said:
The worrying thing about IE7 for me is that it will FINALLY have good support for CSS2, but this at a time when CSS3 is coming forward. Why do they have to be so darned far behind the times?
Mictlantecuhtli said:
[b]Originally posted by spike:[/b][quote]The worrying thing about IE7 for me is that it will FINALLY have good support for CSS2, but this at a time when CSS3 is coming forward.[/quote][url=,1759,17
6943,00.asp]CSS Support Could Be Internet Explorer's Weakest Link[/url][quote]The company will continue to drag its feet by refusing to provide full support for the CSS2 (Cascading Style Sheets Level 2) W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) standard, Microsoft partners say.Sources claiming familiarity with Microsoft's IE 7.0 plans said the company will add some additional CSS2 support to its new standalone browser.But Microsoft isn't planning to go the whole way and make IE 7.0 fully CSS2 compliant, sources said.[/quote]As for security, I guess that's only for [url=
IE7+ for Vista[/url].
nic said:
[quote]"One partner said that Microsoft considers CSS2 to be a "flawed" standard and that the company is waiting for a later point release, such as CSS2.1 or CSS3, before throwing its complete support behind it."[/quote]
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