Valve releases Half Life 2: Episode One

By Justin Mann on June 2, 2006, 5:29 PM
If you are a fan of the Half Life series, you probably have been eagerly anticipating the release of the Half Life 2 expansion, “Episode One”. As of yesterday, Valve has now released it! Anyone using a Steam client can already receive it, and for the cost of $19.95 it can be unlocked and played. It's also available in stores. Episode one is a standalone game that does not require the original Half Life 2 to run, although it uses the same game engine and many of the same elements. They have a teaser up if you want a preview, though you may want to instead stick to the various game reviews that are already starting to surface.

On a very interesting side note, less than a day after its official release, Valve made a patch available that fixed a minor quirk in the menu system. If you liked Half Life 2, odds are you will like this. According to Valve, they will be releasing yet another addition to the HL universe, “Episode Two”, later this year.

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Xavien said:
Played and completed it when it was released on steam yesterday, a very awesome and action packed expansion for $20 (it also shows what the source engine is really capable of graphically) :)Plus at the end of the expansion you get to see a teaser trailer of Episode 2.
Berserk_Fury said:
Yep, I just beat the game also. It was awesome. That teaser was sad.*Teaser Spoiler Warning* omg omg omg I don't want Alex to die!!!!
smtkr said:
Wait. You beat a game on the day of release and you think that it was worth $20?
canadian said:
I am wondering how long until they release a newer version of CSS
zerocount said:
[b]Originally posted by smtkr:[/b][quote]Wait. You beat a game on the day of release and you think that it was worth $20?[/quote]Agreed....
Julio said:
I have nothing against expansion packs or these so-called 'episodes' since they let the developer to focus more on gameplay. But I have to agree, one night and be done with it sounds like too little action.
eko said:
Honestly, I am a BIG fan of Half Life 2 and of Counter Strike Source, also... But 20 bucks for an add-on is outrageous.If they give all three episodes which follow Half Life 2 for that price, OK. If not, I won't buy it.
Xavien said:
I sorta went through it as fast as i could, it has that 'panicky' feel to it, so i just kept pushing through.Compared to most expansion packs (which are more expensive), its a lot more action packed and fun. Sure it was a bit short, but it was worth my money, especially since im a big sucker for story and wanted to know how the hell they got out of the Citadel before the portal blew up in their faces.Also please remind me of a single-player FPS that was truely long, theres not many around and the few i can actually think of were console based (Metroid Prime for example), but thats not really a FPS, more action/adventure title.
Phoenix49 said:
They still didn't released version for Linux. I'm not going to install Windows only for playing this game, rather I'd buy cedega from . It will be nice if Valve release native version for linux.
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