eBay bans its auctions from Google Checkout

By Justin Mann on July 6, 2006, 4:54 PM
In an example of how much of a threat eBay views Google's new payment system, eBay has altered their accepted payment policy to explicitly ban use of the new system. eBay does prohibit their users from using many other payment services that they view as rivals to PayPal, but do allow a select few. While it's plainly obvious as to why eBay would take such action, they cite other reasons such as Google Checkout not being old enough to be considered reliable:

Among the factors considered "is whether the payment service has a substantial historical track record," he said. "I won't say that's the only reason, but I will say that is a factor in evaluating payment services...Google Checkout is, what, a week old?! At this point we're saying it does not meet the factors needed to allow it as an accepted payment."
Google Checkout will likely never become an “accepted payment method” for eBay users. Seeing the rivalry between other Internet companies, this may be something that ends up in the courts.

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DragonMaster said:
PayPal is way older and probably less secure.
haha that was the dumbest comment ive ever seen, just because their older means they prob have this whole thing down way better then google does its not like they don't update their ways of doing stuff. think about what u say next time.
DragonMaster said:
I told "probably" since Google's services generally aren't full of bugs from the start. How will you know if it's secure if you can't use it!There still aren't any phishing e-mails for Google Checkout so THAT's also making it safer for some time.How many dumb security holes have been found with PayPal again?
Not very man and the ones that were found werent huge or it owuld have been big news and second of all, all of googles products don't have crap to do with money and online security their just services. So until google proves that it is reliable i do't blame Ebay for not wanting to trust it. just because google is a well known huge company doesn't give it an automatic right to be trusted in every industry of the internet it goes into. e-mails googles are more secure cause they let people in slowly compared to just being allowed to sign up an acoount and then more. e-mail security is sort of different form MONEY
rotaidem said:
Both of you retards , Dragonmaster and OutlawXX sound like two 12 year olds. Go back to your game consoles and let adults discuss this. Ebay can claim all they want Google is not secure. The real issue here is the fact PayPal is Ebay's baby. Why would they allow any other form of payment that may take away from their profits through PayPal? The decision is all Ebay's. This is their business and they will choose what forms of payment they will accept. If people don't like it, let them find another auction service with as much to offer.
zolar1 said:
Google is over-diversifying. Getting overly greedy. Too big for their breeches.In many jurisdictions, management of a given company can refuse 'service' to anyone as long as it's not discriminatory as per the subjective laws governing their locality.eBay is the management. They don't have to 'service' Google.BUT, eBay might be considered a monopoly if they get too stringent with their policies, much like Microsoft's anti-trust problems.Let's say you had a department store that only allowed payment with cash, check, visa, mastercard, and an in-store credit card. Let's say American Express wanted in on the action. Does the store have to accept American Express if they don't want to?The answer is no.
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