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By on August 2, 2006, 6:39 AM
After much hype and anticipation, the new Intel Core 2 Duo processors are now available in stores with prices starting at $180 all through $530.

But it's not for nothing that such tremendous hype surrounded Intel's new CPUs release. As our test results will show later on, even the slowest Intel Core 2 Duo processor is significantly faster than more expensive Pentium D processors. Take the Pentium D 950 for example, this is a $250 processor whereas the newer Core 2 Duo E6300 will initially cost just $180. The question is however, which of the four Intel Core 2 Duo processors deliver the best performance vs. price ratio?

In this article we will be exploring the differences between the four Core 2 Duo processors. How much effect clock frequencies drop have on the more affordable models, and the performance impact that comes from halving the L2 Cache from 4MB to 2MB.

Read the complete review here.

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mirob said:
My E6300 is running great at 2.55 GHz. I hope a BIOS update will give me higher FSB than 365MHz. :(Still, not one AMD product is as fast and cool, none.[Edited by mirob on 2006-08-02 20:39:48]
mirob said:
You should have shown the FX-62 getting owned. :p
nimo333 said:
Screw Intel. AMD dual core processors in laptops are much cheaper than the intel dual core and they are way better.
mirob said:
[b]Originally posted by nimo333:[/b][quote]Screw Intel. AMD dual core processors in laptops are much cheaper than the intel dual core and they are way better.[/quote]How are they better? Use more power and are slower? They are worse, even AMD knows that.:p
viper770 said:
Each to their own, I donít look at it as two rival companies. Rather I go with who ever offers the best deal at the time. For that reason I have a mixture of both Intel and AMD systems that work very well.I think it has to be said that the new Conroe processors are extremely impressive and anyone that says otherwise is in serious denial.What really excites me is what will AMD answer with, of course we already know the answer but how good will it be, only time will tell ;)On that note thanks for the great review it was good to see a comparison with all the Core 2 Duo processors.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
While the Core 2 Duo is faster and uses less power than (most) AMD CPUs, it's worth remembering that those who would want to switch from AMD to Intel would have to buy a new mainboard and possibly memory as well. It won't be cheaper than a new AMD CPU then.
viper770 said:
Of course and thatís why it is best to upgrade at the right time and more importantly make the right upgrade. For example anyone that dropped a ton of cash on the 939-pin platform in the last 6 months just did not do their home work. It would have been best to wait for the AM2 platform to arrive as its just as affordable and although the performance is no better it will offer a much better upgrade path.The Core 2 Duo is not really something you upgrade to as most LGA775 owners will need to purchase at the very least a new motherboard and processor anyway. The point is the Core 2 Duo offers such an impressive performance leap that the purchase of a new motherboard and possibly memory can be easily justified.Where as upgrading from a 939-pin platform to the new AM2 platform at this point in time is quite painful and not really worth it. So I believe if you are building either an AM2 or Core 2 system it is most likely going to be done from the ground up!
mirob said:
AMD is canceling most 939 CPUs to force upgrading to AM2. But with Core 2 the cheapest CPU can out perform the falsest FX on air cooling. The only real reason to buy a AM2 rig is price, and boy is it falling.
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