Future consoles to lack disc drives?

By Justin Mann on August 4, 2006, 10:17 PM
One of the most interesting features touted by the 360 and PS3 have been the integrated next-gen disc players, including optional HD DVD support for the Xbox and a Blu-ray drive being standard on the PS3. Once the PS3 starts to wane, though, and Sony looks to future consoles, it seems they are looking to do away with with optical drives. This could mean they are looking to potentially make all content online-only or downloadable-only, something we are already see some companies experiment with. Currently, we see things such as the EA Downloader and Steam. While both have been the subject of much criticism, both seem to have had a lot of success in content distribution.

While the PS4 is years and years off, it's still an interesting notion and one that poses a lot of more questions.

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smtkr said:
All of my friends have a working SNES. Among this group, a lot of people were happy that the PS2 was backwards compatible because it replaced their broken playstations. Also, some of these people are on their second PS2. Optical drives are trouble for consoles. Optical discs are still the only medium with the capacity to hold enough game media (especially high def games). Downloadable content to the hard drive is a little better, but hard drives will still restrain consoles to a short life span.Will we ever get another console that lasts like the SNES? Only if solid state becomes practical again.
DragonMaster said:
[quote]Will we ever get another console that lasts like the SNES? Only if solid state becomes practical again.[/quote]If flash gets big and fast enough.[quote]Optical drives are trouble for consoles.[/quote]Especially when they put the cheapest ones they can find. I never saw NGC's Matsushita drives fail.
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