After an overlong hiatus, TechSpot is proud to return the Buyers' Guide this month! There are lots of exciting goodies to talk about, some of which are already out there: the new Core 2 chips have blasted away AMDís hold on the performance market, DX10 GPUs are just over the horizon, the Windows Vista public beta, and countless others. A lot has changed since the last update, so this will be a huge change from our last article.

In this guide, we will help you build the definitive budget PC. The price range for this is between $600 and $1000, so there isnít a lot of wiggle room, but we promise you an excellent PC. While trying to keep as close to the low end of the budget as possible, we have included areas to upgrade certain elements for better performance (at a higher cost). So without further introduction, letís build a computerÖ

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