Intel's first quad core to appear this year

By Justin Mann on August 17, 2006, 11:47 AM
Intel has published their next roadmap, marking the planned releases for the next few months of processors. The most interesting tidbit from the release was the “Kentsfield” Core, which will be Intel's first quad-core processor. The quad-core technology is a beast in and of itself, and it will start off at 2.66GHz. A lower clock speed than what the original dual-core Pentium D launched at, but something that is easily made up by doubling the number of available cores. On top of that, and most exciting, is that the CPU should be here before the end of this year.

Kentsfield will likely put the launch of the initial Smithfield dual-cores to shame, not only because of its quad cores, but its vastly improved architecture and faster FSB. Kentsfield is a modified Core 2 Duo, putting basically 2 E6700 CPUs into a single package. Great stuff. It'll initially sell for $999, quite steep, but all processors tend to be steep when they are first released.

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zephead said:
first conroe and now this...AMD better do something, and fast
gbakmars said:
Considering what has happened with Dell in regard to the extremely long delays on the XPS 700, I find this article very relevant to the needs of the customer waiting for their XPS 700 to ship. I apologize for its length, but my hope is that some will see that in a fast changing tech environment, being able to get the product out the door quickly is of the utmost importance!What concerns me, once again, is how this entire situation is being handled by a large computer corporation like Dell. Like I said earlier in a Cnet post, this “Yesterday's Technology at Yesterday's Prices” (YTYP) canyon that Dell has fallen into, is a very difficult place to climb out of. If Dell continues to put band aids on things the way they have, then the Domino effect takes over. For example, in July, because of what I would like to call forum pressure, Dell concedes and admits that the YTYP problem exists, and therefore decides that they are willing to change Pentium D's to Core 2's or give a gift card. But then, because of more Dell DELAYS and thus more time in the industry, has resulted in more changes and annoucements, such as the recent Intel news that the "old" pentium CPU's will be phased out of production. Or say nVidia announces new quad drivers, or Intel lets it out that the Kentsfield line will be coming out sooner, rather then later, or the 590 northbridge is completed....and on and on. What happens then, to those of us that are still waiting? The dominos start falling, and the "Dell Bandaid" production has to be "RAMPED UP!" What are we all going to start singing? "I am stuck on Dell Bandaids cause Dell Bandaids stuck on Me"!! Seriously! Those that still have not received their xps 700 come October may be screaming, “The Kentsfield is in production, I don’t want the Core 2”. I truely believe that Dell has a way to bring this entire fiasco to a screeching HALT!!If you want the rest of this article, it can be found on the Dell community forum at this link; [url]
ing&page=8[/url] Those interested in more information please contact me.
lordbf1 said:
holy $hit. can't wait to see it.\lordbf1
nathanskywalker said:
INTEL STRIKES BACK ok, ok, enough with the drama, anyways:[quote]t'll initially sell for $999, quite steep, but all processors tend to be steep when they are first released.[/quote]That just happens to be a little out of my price range. Though it'll be nice when conroe drops even lower in price. And of course, competion is only good for the consumer (most of the time). This will hopefully spur AMD on, give us better prices, and better results. Meanwhile, Intel is really picking up their pace from where they were not long ago, glad to see it.
ichihollow said:
Dun dun dun dundun, AMD bites the dust!I love that song.I have been a big supporter (even though its a loosing battle) of the Intell (P4 specificly) over AMD for years. I built systems just to outrun the AMD, now AMD just cant compute. With the four in one, AMD has to skip the duo and quads and start in on the plasma and cristal cpu. I think that is AMDSs only chance and once again surpassing Intell.Plus if they do, Intell has to drop their prices, and to add onto the above, Dell will be in even bigger he11.
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