PS3 won't ship with HDMI cable

By Justin Mann on September 5, 2006, 11:31 AM
What will the astronomically-priced PlayStation 3 net you in terms of out-of-the-box hardware? A premium price usually means premium stuff, but now we're learning that it won't come with everything you need to hook it up properly. While you can expect to have to provide some things – the T.V., the surge protector, et cetera, now you can also expect to provide the HDMI cable needed to plug it in to next-gen displays. It appears this may apply equally to PS3's shipped in the U.S. and in Europe:

SCE UK declined to comment on whether the 60GB PS3 will also ship without a HDMI cable here. However, sources close to Sony speculate that Europe will follow the US example by not including a cable in the box, due to the fact that the majority of buyers won't yet own a HDMI-ready TV - and those that do will already have a HDMI lead anyway.
Perhaps that is a valid point, and an HDMI cable isn't going to set you back very far. Just imagine the frustration, though, when you get it all unpacked only to discover you can't do anything with it. Given the hype around the PS3's display capabilities, anyone who is able will want to use the HDMI output instead of the composite output.

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nz_skater said:
One more (small) nail in the coffin of the PS3. I was going to get one a year ago, now I'm not. Too many exclusives lost and too much bullsh*t surrounding it to make it worth it. I'm happy with my 360 and really don't see the need to own both, at least not for a year or 2 after release anyway.
TimeParadoX said:
If I get Xbox 360 it'll be for games like Oblivion and Halo 3, I'll probably get a PS3 instead because I heard the X360 seems to lag and have problems with playing it too long.
Supra said:
I think Sony is just playing it safe because most people have TV's with component inputs and not HDMI. I bet less than %5 of people have a HDMI connection. Even my roommate picked up 37" LCD in February(for his X360) and he didnt have HDMI, his best connection is DVI which is pretty much the same since they are both digital. If you have enough money to buy a PS3 and an HDTV w/HDMI, picking up a HDMI cable wont break you, for most people the cable would end up in the spare parts drawer anyways.
nz_skater said:
Although there are accounts of 360's having issues, I have not had any with mine. The main reason I'm not getting a PS3 is the price. I just can't justify spending that much ($1190NZ) on something I'm going to use probably 3-4 hrs a week. In saying that it's still roughly the same price as a top tier GFX card.
Didou said:
PS3 is also delayed in Europe all the way until March 2007.[url=
djleyo said:
too bad :( maaaannnn sony is getting so lame :x and if you tv doesn't have a HDMI input only DVI you can get a DVI to HDMI connector like i did for my dvd player
nz_skater said:
Well, that fully hammers in the small nail and puts in the final 5 for me. PS3 is definitely off my to buy list.
socrfan said:
With console prices so high why own one in the first place? I can play better games, with better control at better prices on my computer than any console. No thanks 360, no thanks ps3.
soth79 said:
Hilarious people saying, "last straw" "nail in coffin"a hdmi cable runs 8 dollars, and its true most people dont even have hdmi connections. I have a brand new 32" LCD HDTV and needed a DVI - to HDMI for my cable box and DVD player. If youre going to shell out 600 bucks, what the hell is 8 more??
jostenmeat said:
I can't wait for the PS3. And I may never play a game on it. It's a Blu-Ray player for 500 dollars. So, yes, I already have a high-quality HDMI cable. Two of em in fact. We're talkin 1080p here . . . Does anything else, besides Blu-Ray, offer such quality? Xbox does not, nor HD-DVD.
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