Windows Vista, one more release and it's gold

By on September 30, 2006, 6:55 PM
According to information posted on eWeek, the general manager of Microsoft's Windows Client Product Management team, Brad Goldberg said there will only be one more release of Vista before the Operating System goes gold.

As with previous non-public releases, Microsoft expects a limited group of testers will try the build and send feedback on bugs encountered. After that the software giant expects to continue on schedule for a November release to business users and January 2007 to the general end-user.

Goldberg, who was on a cross-country tour in late September designed to get the message out about the business value and benefits that Vista brings, also said Vista is on track for availability to businesses via volume licensing in November, with broad general availability to consumers set for January 2007.
Despite of Microsoft's optimism on the matter, there seems to be a general consensus among the online community that the OS is yet to be perfected for a final release. I have personally tried a few different builds of Vista since Beta 1, and while improvements have been there with every new build, even on RC1 which is currently my main OS, I do believe there is still a lot of unpolished stuff that should be taken care of, both in terms of stability and GUI consistency.

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Phantasm66 said:
But how long before its an OS I want to use? With its virgin TCP/IP stack and undiscovered country for hackers to explore, how secure will it be? With its myriad new under the hood changes, how compatible will it be? Surely its going to be 6 to 12 months (maybe even not until first service pack is out) before its going to be fit for general use?
Nic said:
I'm not going to move to Vista until it's been polished. Microsoft probably want it out the door and generating revenue while they fix everything that's still unfinished. It'll be at least another year (possibly two) before I even consider upgrading...depending on feedback from real users once its out...
Kaleid said:
DX10 will sooner or later force me to upgrade. A shame really, since it's seems to be such a resource hog.I hope the performance will rather quickly be adequate.
TimeParadoX said:
yeah vista isnt worth moving to right now because like Phantasm66 said that it's a "undiscovered country for hackers to explore" and it has alot of bugs right now that Microsoft needs to fix still
Julio said:
In my case I really like experimenting with new stuff, even better with a new OS if it's stable enough... but like I said in my original post, RC1 does not feel like finished software lacking polishing in many areas still.
Canadian said:
I am currently running Build 5728 of Vista, and so far, I dont see many problems. The sidebar is a huge resource hog, but other than that, it isn't bad at all in that area. Most of my games work, but Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 causes my display driver to stop working. All my programs work fine, including a Virtual CD drive, and Ares. Sure, there will be some security holes, but remember, they have closed the kernal to programs, along with many other improvments, making it still probably more secure than XP is right now. There are alot of nifty new features, but there is so much under the hood for performance increases. And of course, how can one live without the new Directx 10 version of minesweeper?
bushwhacker said:
I will never, ever move to vista... I rather stay on Windows XP. Tried it on few beta and hated it.
gooderguy said:
I have been fixing Windows machines all day, everyday, for many years now. And after trying Vista Betas on a few machines, it looks like I will be going at it for many years to come. Thanks Microsoft, for keeping me employed!
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