McAfee calls Microsoft out on Vista kernel locking

By Justin Mann on October 2, 2006, 6:17 PM
McAfee is upset with Microsoft too, it seems. Following Symantec's recent complaints, McAfee has gone a step further and taken out a full-page newspaper ad slamming Microsoft for their kernel locking. The ad, featured in the Financial Times, tries to persuade viewers that MS is hindering security efforts by other companies. They also claim that locking the kernel makes Vista less secure, rather than more secure:

"Microsoft is being completely unrealistic if, by locking security companies out of the kernel, it thinks hackers won't crack Vista's kernel. In fact, they already have."
Interestingly enough, some vendors are able to produce AV for Vista. The article hints at a preferential treatment for some vendors.

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Geechiesway said:
interesting...the most intrusive, clunky, and ineffective antivirus companies are the only ones complaining...
Julio said:
I have to agree on that!
Canadian said:
If the antivirus companies claim viruses can so easly crack the kernal, than why dont the AV companies also do that, or just create a new, innovative solution?
Phantasm66 said:
Whilst I think that not everything going into Vista is for the best, efforts on Microsoft's part to restrict what malware can do in Kernel space is to be applauded.Kernel space malware such as rootkits pose an enormous threat to the security of a modern PC by hiding malicious files and processes from the user and from the Windows API. Locking the kernel down was the only logical step in combatting this.The response of these anti-virus companies more or less adds up to saying "by making your OS more secure you are lessening the market for our products." That is a ridiculous and unfair claim. Its like a security guard company trying to get alarm systems outlawed because they are damaging their business.I would not be surprised if Symantec et al all start some kind of anti-trust case against Microsoft because by making the OS more secure they are somehow being anti-competative. I would also not be surprised if some judge orders Microsoft to make Vista less secure so that anti-virus companies can still be competative.[Edited by Phantasm66 on 2006-10-03 03:53:30]
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