IPod Nano's color fades?

By Justin Mann on October 5, 2006, 2:55 PM
A few months back, Apple ran into some trouble with numerous complaints regarding iPod Nano flaws. At that time, the screen was very easily scratchable, and even carrying it around in your pocket could ultimately render it unreadable. A similar problem is plaguing them now, though much less serious in nature. Over time, the Nano's color will fade or change, resulting in a much less pretty device. Apple is aware of this, and in fact have even imprinted the box with that very statement!

So why does the Nano's color fade? Does the ink fade? Does the oil inside the plastic separate from whatever dyes they use? It seems unusual, considering most plastic and metal enclosures I have pretty much retain their color for the life of the product. One could conclude that perhaps Apple did this intentionally. Personally, I'd much rather see my iPod retain its color. Regardless of what Apple says, a Nano is not a pair of jeans.

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buttus said:
Personally I think it is insane for a company to know there is what amounts to a design flaw with their product...but completely disregard it and then post a warning label on their product. Why not just print "purchasers should know that this is a piece of crap but will want it because it has an Apple logo on it regardless".I am an iPod Nano owner. From day one my iPod has been in a case so that it is properly protected and cared for as I strap it on my arm for use at the gym. Well, even though it has been in a case the entire surface is still scrathed to hell.My next purchase however will be the Sansa from Sandisk. Similar size, longer battery life, micro SD expansion slot...AND it's cheaper then the Apple product.Me not happy ugh.
nimo333 said:
[b]Originally posted by buttus:[/b][quote]My next purchase however will be the Sansa from Sandisk. Similar size, longer battery life, micro SD expansion slot...AND it's cheaper then the Apple product.[/quote]Yep that's what I would buy if I wanted to get something that plays music!
Tigerbyte said:
This just seems like another typical Apple reaction. My 1 GB Shuffle quit working after a few months and the only way I can get it fixed under warranty is to pay Apple to fix it. Some warranty. My new MP3 player is on its way to me and it isn't an iPod of any sort.
thrudd said:
That is what happens when the marketing guys over-rule the engineers and designers ... oh and QC done in a place where yes everything is fine means no, not realy ....
buttus said:
What happened to the days when the Apple logo meant superior products with superior quality? I think Apple forgets that quality is what made them who they are now....and that reputation has been harmed quite a bit recently. I think everyone knows the issues with the Intel chips, issues with the original iPod Nano and now it's colourful 2nd generation.
patentman said:
If the color of the nano is fading its likely due to one of two things. 1. If the nano is colored by virtue of a dye embedded in a plastic medium, U.V. rays from Sun may cause it to fade. This is very similar to what happens to paint on houses and cars. U.V. rays impinge on the colored article, break some of the bonds in the dye/colorant, and as a result the color saturation fades. Typically transparent U.V. protectants, e.g. benzotriazoles or similar compounds are adcded to the medium to prevent U.V. from reaching the dye, but even these protectants break down over time due to exposure to U.V., and thus the article will fade, albeit after a longer period of time. It shoudl also be noted that certain dyes are more susceptible to U.V. degradation than others...2. Alternatively, if the nano is colored by virtue of controlled aluminum anodization (meaning no dye is present, but rather the surface of the metal is oxidized reduced in a specific manner), the discoloration could be the result of galvanic or atmospheric corrosion. Its unlikely that this sort of corrosion would occur over the entire article at the same time however. Rather, it would more likely occur in spots.
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