Dell to offer low-cost AMD laptop

By Justin Mann on October 26, 2006, 10:41 AM
While sub-$100 laptops and other super-cheap computer products are interesting and hold a lot of potential for future markets, their lack of availability in places like the U.S. and Europe still leave a lot of people without a mobile computing device that could really use one. Students come to mind in particular. It was with great interest then that I heard about Dell's plan to unveil an AMD-based laptop coming this year that will sell for under $500. Starting with a 15.4 model, the full specifications have not yet been released:

Dell will target the low-end of the notebook market with its AMD models, with prices ranging from US$449-499 for a 15.4-inch model coming first, though a 17-inch model will be added in the first quarter of 2007, the notebook makers noted
AMD's part in this will be the production of 500,000 processors, most likely Sempron class. I would very much like to see detailed specifications on these machines.

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bushwhacker said:
FINALLY a movement on AMD chips in Dell >.>
buttus said:
In for a penny in for a pound.Wow. When Dell initially announced that they had finally caved and were going to use AMD chips, it was positioned as such a tiny amount and that is was almost more of an experiment to see how Intel would react (given the exclusive relationship they had enjoyed with Dell). Being in the industry Dell had openly stated that AMD use was only to be a couple of models, and that maybe they might appear in production before the calander end of 2006.Since then, AMD has enjoyed announcement after announcement. More and more processors are to be used in ever increasing product lines/segments. They (AMD) are now being used in desktops, servers and even notebooks.I think that Intel reacted badly with the news that Dell was to use AMD. In fact, Michael Dell himself has been seen being VERY cosy indeed with the CEO of AMD (on stage at a recent event). If I were Intel I would be very worried right now. Yes, Conroe has come in, kicked some butt andhas gained back the performance crown. What Intel doesn't really realize is that with all the processing power that is available....that where the consumers and the IT markets are concerned is that things have evolved ijnto an overall evation. It isn't performance alone anymore...the equation is PRICE + PERFORMANCE.And let's face it folks. AMD is and always has been considerably cheaper then Intel. Herein lies the reason that AMD has made so many gains even with Conroe hitting the market.
abc said:
It's always been price + performance, at least on the desktop. This is why my last computer was an Athlon XP, and my new computer is a C2D E6300.AMD made so many gains because of Intel's blunder that was netburst, Conroe hasn't had the time/quantity to change much yet. Laptops have power consumption as an added factor which Intel has traditionally been better at.Finally it's good to see Dell using AMD. I wish they would have been doing it for years.
bushwhacker said:
And im surprised that Techspot didnt announce about Conroe chips? >.>
Julio said:
What do you mean?
bushwhacker said:
[b]Originally posted by bushwhacker:[/b][quote]And im surprised that Techspot didnt announce about Conroe chips? >.>[/quote]I mean I didnt see any announcement about Conroe Chips events (such as new chip is out or...)Sorry, im far behind the news.
Julio said:
Conroe = Core 2 Duo... and we have had a lot of coverage on it:[url][/ur
bushwhacker said:
no wonder. I was thinking about Transmeta Efficeon >.>I understand clearly now. Sorry.
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