BetOnSports banned in the U.S.

By Justin Mann on November 10, 2006, 9:27 PM
Online gambling, for better or for worse, has become one of the biggest markets on the Internet. In the U.S, this has become a huge topic of controversey, with people being able to gamble in states and cities where it is outlawed. The courts are reaching for straws trying to find ways to block or ban people from doing it, and most recently a federal judge requested British-based BetOnSports to cease accepting wagers from U.S. customers and return wagers from after summer of this year.

On top of that, it appears the courts are trying to get BetOnSports to abandon their trademarks in the U.S., and cease advertising as well, at least positive advertising. Further in the article, it seems the company is being forced to post a negative ad for themselves declaring online gambling to be illegal:

The company must also place prominent markers on its sites to alert potential gamblers that "it is a violation of U.S. law to transmit sports wagers or betting information" on international telephone lines. In addition, it must take out a full-page ad broadcasting a similar statement in a U.S. newspaper with national circulation.
While the courts can certainly impose restrictions on a companies actions in the U.S., will they really be able to stop or even slow down something that has become so popular?

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Phantasm66 said:
There were a couple of documentaries on problems with internet betting in the UK. In one example, a 15 year old boy ran up 40,000 in like 2 hours or something using several of his parents credit cards.There are calls for this sort of thing to be looked into.
gbe300 said:
There are two probolems with online gambling: 1 - Governments can't accurately take a percentage or cut for themselves. If they could their would be no problem. Online gambling is no more dangerous then smoking or drinking, the difference is that the governments can easily place a nice tax on these goods and get their "fair" cut. 2 - Stupid people. Yes bring on the comments of its an addiction and a disease... You teach your kids right from wrong and they wont be stealing your credit card to gamble or look at webcam shows. Too often in todays society we want to find someone or something to blame... sadly too many ppl look past the reflection in the mirror for another reason that helps them sleep better at night... until the next time. Sorry for the soap-box, but lets please stop blaming the places and ppl that offer the service and look into the desire/issues that make the demand for the service. And no I do not have any affliation with any online gambling site or company, but I do buy a scratch ticket every few weeks.
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