Vista-incompatible hardware causing headaches for retailers

By Justin Mann on December 13, 2006, 3:29 PM
Good news for consumers and bad news for retailers, with the business release of Vista behind us and the retail release on its way, there is a veritable horde of Vista-incompatible hardware still stocked in inventory in businesses all over the world. From video cards to motherboards to network cards, many manufacturers aren't going to concentrate on writing drivers for old hardware, especially with the high cost of WHQL. The concern for retailers is that after Vista is stock on desktops, the sale price of non-Vista hardware will plummet, making it effectively worthless. That fear extends even into hardware that supports Vista, but only minimally:

The sources predict that even products that only support Vista basic may quickly fall out of favor in the market as consumers are likely to be more eager to experience the full multimedia functions promised by Vista.
For the desktop enthusiast, this might be a great thing. If you are looking to build an older machine that won't be requiring Vista, prices may be so low that doing such, even with new parts, is dirt cheap. I for one am looking forward to hardware prices dropping. It's unlikely these will affect CPU or RAM pricing, and won't change the prices of newer hardware.

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TimeParadoX said:
Yeah I wouldnt mind having prices drop for hardware from nVidia / Intel so I can build a cheaper computer :DBut I think it's stupid upgrading to Vista because there is nothing that is too great about it... For now i'll stick with Windows XP / Linux and still play games without having all these fancy parts and features that Vista has
sTharsdan said:
Ummm...I think DirectX 10 alone is worth it. DirectX 10 will not be on XP ever. DirectX 10 is leaps and bounds above and beyond 9...if you are any kind of gamer you should read up on DirectX10 and Pixel Shader 4.
t-tek said:
i think vista is a pice of shit and they need to stop makeing a big deal about something that is not important on the other hand
nimo333 said:
Vista isn't worth having yet so who gives the sh*t? It uses over 400MB of Ram, why????
peas said:
Vista has its pros and cons. It does have more bloat, especially with the 3D rendered desktop. It does look pretty.Beneath the covers, Vista has some significant improvements over XP. The paging subsystem is much improved, saving up to 50% of memory used for page tables. For systems with lotsa RAM (over 1GB), this frees up many hundreds of MB.The graphics driver now runs in user space instead of kernel space. The majority of system crashes in XP have been due to graphics driver bugs. Vista WDDM graphics drivers can't crash the system (or at the least, it's very difficult to do so).Yes, Vista is a PITB, especially for us driver writers. But don't write it off just yet. There's some bite behind its bark.
captaincranky said:
"It's unlikely these will affect CPU or RAM pricing, and it won't change the price of newer hardware". Well, I kinda agree with you about the RAM part of that statement, but, as far as CPU prices go have you priced a Prescott P4 recently? Or for that matter any AMDs?
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