Bill Gates says DRM is bad news

By Justin Mann on December 15, 2006, 12:31 PM
It's strange hearing Bill Gates say that DRM is too complicated for the end user, especially when Microsoft is one of the world's biggest pusher of DRM. However, it's true. According to Mr. Gates, DRM in its present state is not where it should be, and is detrimental to the user experience as a whole. Of course, many agree and have been saying similar things for a long time. Laws of various countries intended to prevent piracy often have adverse side effects for consumers who just want versatile music, which has been a bone of contention for very long. Why would Mr. Gates disagree with the very company he helped found, however? It's interesting to say the least. I doubt Microsoft's stance on DRM as a whole will change, sadly.

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peas said:
Keep in mind that Microsoft has been strong-armed by the music and movie industry to incorporate DRM into Vista. Microsoft probably felt that they would "miss the bandwagon" if they didn't play nice with the entertainment monopolies. Reality is probably setting in that DRM causes more problems than it solves. It will serve mainly to frustrate "legal" users, while the hackers will quickly bypass DRM anyway.
d310n9 said:
assuming they even get vista ...if they dont u prolly have a dozen more ways to do it xD...all i've heard about vist suks untill now....sad---
Jesse_hz said:
McD says fatty foods are bad news. :P
nathanskywalker said:
[quote]DRM is bad news[/quote]Really?
zephead said:
DRM isn't going to fix anything. last year i read an interesting article that said that the recording industry was terminally ill and no amount of protectionism on thier part could rectify the problem. i believe the author when he said that live performances were the best way for recor companies to make thier money. i'll try digging that up, but i doubt i'll be able to find it (the place is a mess)
tomei said:
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