Wii sells more than 3 million units

By Justin Mann on December 27, 2006, 6:39 PM
How well are are the three big consoles doing? While much of the hype over the 360 has died away, it is still selling reasonably well and Microsoft expects it to continue to do so. The Wii and PS3, being the newest contenders, have received a lot of extra attention the past month. Both Nintendo and Sony have made bold claims about how many consoles they'll be able to deploy, but both companies face setbacks in the form of recalls and supply issues. Regardless, Nintendo seems to be doing very well:

According to figures posted at VG Charts, Nintendo has managed to sell 3.19 million Wiis since the console was launched. That's a million in Japan, 1.32 million in the US, and an addition .86 million sold over the rest of the world.
As the article mentions, that's 40% of the Xbox 360 sales in just one month. Impressive, although many of these sales are just due the Wii's introduction. Sales will wane, and will likely get much more in line with existing 360 sales. The PS3, on the other hand, is not doing well at all. Currently, about 1.18 million have made it into homes. We're only a month out of release, though, and Sony has promised many changes for 2007. We'll see.

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9Nails said:
Well, aside from manufacturing problems, the PS3 also had backwards compatibility hurdles to leap with 200 of it's previous gen games failing to launch. And it had problems with High Def content. This isn't good when some of your selling points are failures.The PS3 is priced so high that owning two console systems is actually an attractive alternative. Many gamers are switching to the "Wii60" camp, where owning a Wii and an Xbox 360 is the winning combination. And many are saying that the Xbox 360 matches the PS3 on terms of graphical power. Ouch.I wonder how much longer before Sony admits defeat and replaces that expensive Blu-Ray for something much more affordable?[Edited by 9Nails on 2006-12-28 11:33:13]
rmdl51 said:
Congratulations to Nintendo! I'm so happy to see them again in the lead of VideoGame Industry after 10 years.Nintendo have managed pretty good the concept of video games and that's why I've been loyal to them since their first console. Nintendo have learned from their past mistakes and now there is their reward: over 3 million of units in a little bit more that a month, That's awesome!!I have no doubt that Sony is a great Company making Audio and Video Stuff, but once again they think wrong! having the top-edge technology in a videogame console won't give them the lead on the videogame market. They are losing money, they are dissapointing a lot of PS fans, and besides that they keep the cooky attitude! well everybody get what they deserve. Blu-ray technology needs at least a couple of years to mature, if you push your console to get something as new as this, of course they will find a lot of trouble. Well anyways I just want to say Congrats to Nintendo and I hope they don't have to pay anything to those stupid people who break their TV because they let go the Wii remote. Keep up the good work Nintendo!!! Wii is the Best!!
Supra said:
It really irritates me when people bring up the fact that roughly 200 games didnt work properly, and forget the fact that there are around 8000 ps2 and another 7900 ps1 games that work perfectly fine. Compare that to x360 backward compatibility of 200 of 700 games made. Many were fixed with a recent update that allowed games that used the hard drive of the ps2 to use the ps3's.Everyone needs to chill out and watch over the next year on how things pan out. I will continue to enjoy playing my PS3 on my 47" 1080p LCD and wait for all those Ebay PS3's to get to the real gamers so I have someone to play against online(really the only downside I see of owning a PS3 right now)
otester said:
I'll consider buying a PS3 when the price is below 200, adn thats if theres no problem and Sony hasn't fudged up in other areas.
spydercanopus said:
I have a Wii only. I can't stand playing Call of Duty 3 because of the controller. Zelda is OK, but whipping the remote and spinning the nunchuck makes me feel 'out of touch' with the game and definately not immersed in it.Wii Sports is fun, but I was disappointed in the golf. Bowling is great fun tho. The problem with Wii is that once the novelity wears off and your stuck flailing your arms like a crazy man at standard definition graphics gets old, fast.I want a PS3.
zephead said:
i know 4 people who have the wii, but only 1 that has a PS3...i'm not surprised by this at all.
otester said:
@spydercanopusNovelty wears of on Xbox360, Wii, PS3, Macs and almost everything else like that, oh yeah and Ipods.Don't waste your money, upgrade your PC.
cyranthus said:
Sony promises changes in 2007...like becoming more broke over losing sales... especially with the 3rd version of PS3.
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