Nvidia to be sued over poor Vista drivers?

By Justin Mann on February 6, 2007, 3:31 PM
Be it from a serious lack of patience or a life-and-death need to play games, it seems that some Nvidia users are so irked at the lack of stable drivers for Vista that they are threatening to sue. Citing the “Vista Ready” label as being misleading, several of these people are talking about bringing a class action suit against the company, due to the various issues that the current wave of drivers have, particularly the flagship 8800 series cards. Some have gone so far as to form a website around it:

Nathan feels that Nvidia should face some penalties because customers are losing money by buying a card that doesn't work fully or even crashes under Vista. To bolster his claims, Nathan hashed together his nvidiaclassaction.org website and is now asking for people to post retail box pictures and screen captures of websites promising Vista compatibility. The website was set up in less than half an hour and according to Nathan was done on the "spur of the moment".
Interestingly enough, the same person also promised to drop the issue if Nvidia apologized and gave a a firm release date for working drivers – as well as throw free goodies his way.

It's easy to see it from their point of view – Nvidia has had a long time and ample access to Vista for driver development. On the other hand, given the veritable horde of different hardware and software configurations and Vista's very recent emergence into the market (just a week now), are these people taking it too far? Nvidia has not yet commented on the situation.

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nathanskywalker said:
[quote]Nathan feels that Nvidia should face some penalties because customers are losing money by buying a card that doesn't work fully or even crashes under Vista.[/quote]They'll have the problem fixed soon enough skippy. Chill man.
canadian said:
Give it what, one, two weeks? Atleast the Vista launch is going better than the 360 and PS3 launches.
Julio said:
Taking it too far? Maybe. But truth is Nvidia has had several months for getting an (excellent) driver ready for primetime. A large percentage of add-in graphics card owners are enthusiasts and that means immediate Vista upgrades were to be expected.In the other hand, I've been running Vista RC2 on my desktop for months now on a 7 series GeForce with early driver builds and it works well although I'm not gaming much these days.
jemlay said:
Sorry, but this is a bunch of bull. Both the 8800GTX and 8800GTS work with Vista with the newest Nvidia driver.There are bugs and there are quirks. What do you expect from beta drivers? The end result is, the card is Vista ready and all basic Vista functionality works. The boxes do not claim 100% Vista functionality. They claim the card was designed for vista (something you can NEVER prove otherwise) and that the card is ready to use with Vista of which it is.There is absolutely NO loss of money. That sounds like drama queen talk to me."a $650 coaster" - oh please!OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH.... I just wandered onto the driver issue page:"If you have played any game under 100 series drivers and had a problem post it"Please explain to us how third party games have anything to do with Vista or Nvidia? If your GAME doesn't work then you need to wait for the game developer to allow for Vista compatibility. Nivida might help them out but THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VISTA COMPATIBILITY.This is bogus! But um....good luck with that!
ThomasNews said:
Does anyone with a Creative Live! remember what it was like when Windows 2000 was released? If you do then you're probably shaking your head in dismay at this... action.
scozzb said:
yes GAMERS are using VISTA and having problems, well tbh any gamer out there wouldn't use vista for the main reason that it's such a resource hogger and seeing as vista has only just came out there are bound to be bugs that still need to be found, and who said that it's just the card which isn't compatible (even though it is realy) it could be any number of things, these sad littl people who have nothing better to do than try n sue others without a valid reason should grow up and stop being so pathetic
otester said:
If you buy Vista then you deserve this problems.
miyu said:
I can understand if the nvidia cards burn out within a few months of purchase or cause a fire, then a lawsuit would have some merit.Why don't Nathan and others that support this cause just stop spending so much time complaining and uninstall Vista, run XP again which is still a good OS. The Nvidia video drivers are clearly stated as Beta and not all the functions in those drivers work properly yet. A lot of device drivers are still beta too. There were so many warnings of what can go wrong with upgrading to Vista, not heeding them will cause problems.
bwchato said:
if you bought a new operating system that Microshit has said is good then the problem is you.Does'nt anybody know you don't use the new software untill it's been through all the updates they have had to give out on all of their operating systems.I never switched to Windows XP until it had been out for 2 or 3 years.If more people followed that maybe they would actually make an operating system that worked and does'nt cost more cash and do little.
gargamel said:
Well, this is more of the same. They have done it with every major release. They did it when the MAC G5 came out, The flagship card was allegedly G5 ready until the sea of G5s crashing emerged. As one poster commented, "what do you expect from beta drivers?" exactly, you do not go to the prom with a test dress, you go "with the dress". In my opinion, if this is the situation with the cards, they should be ashamed of themselves. If I spend that kind of money for something that is being advertised as working and it does not then there is some kind of loss involved. Should they be taken to court? Well, given their history, maybe and they will think twice before doing it again. Vista has been in the works for how long now? Time was abundant to get drivers made that would work. What are they, a subsidiary of Microsoft???? ;-)
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