AMD predicts slow transition to K8L

By Justin Mann on February 22, 2007, 6:04 PM
In a bit of sad news for AMD fans, Hector Ruiz, Chief Executive for the company, has stated that K8L will not take off this year. K8L is the future answer to Core, and represents a significant change in architecture that could vastly improve the performance of AMD processors. That is something sorely needed right now, with the Core and its variants again and again winning the performance battle. However, AMD instead will continue to push their existing architecture for a while yet.

That doesn't mean they aren't going ahead with their plans for launches – just that propagation and adoption aren't going to be anything impressive. AMD is estimating it will be around 9 months to transition their desktop products to the new technology, whereas with Intel it was around 6 months to transition to Core. Given the blazing success of the Core as it stands and these figures, it could easily be early 2008 before we see them make a comeback.

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beef_jerky4104 said:
This saddens me because I'm an AMD fanboy. Strange I live very close to an AMD headquarters in Austin.
mirob said:
The whole interview is here,[url]
smb.jhtml?articleId=197007770&pgno=1&queryText=[/url]Sad news.
zephead said:
i wonder how far ahead intel will be by the time K8L is said to be launched...
peas said:
It takes a long time to develop a new micro-architecture that's worth a darn (one that is noticeably improved from the previous one). It looks like Intel & AMD's design cycles are now staggered. Even by 2008, when (if) K8L is launched, Inhell will not have had enough time to release a new architecture. So AMD could regain the crown for 2+ years before Inhell can counter.Neither is really able to get much more out of the current architecture paradigms. It's become a battle of the # of cores, sadly. With all this CPU horsepower to burn, I honestly think we'll start seeing a move towards programmable & reconfigurable cores (something similar to Transmeta's approach).
tempore4y said:
First of all, this "register to post a message" thing is really annoying. Enyone willing to skip this imbecil barrrier, go to and grab a username an password from thereSecondly, the interview ONLY said that Ruiz expects to see slow adoption, but this has NOTHING to do with the BUZZ. Intel is even today with well uder 50% Core2, but the public perception changed in a matter of weeks after the launch. The only important thing (as far as public perception is concerned) was that everyone know that from that day on they CAN order a Core2. Same with the K8L: once it's out, the perception will shift in a matter of weeks. Adoption is a totally different thing, and it has a lot to do with the fact that once the new architecture is out, the old one will be priced significantly lower, so there will be many people who will simply be happy with the bargain price they get on the old architecture.So AMD fan boys, stay coool, the middole of the yer is the point in timew when vindication will arrive :-)PSYeah, you guessed, i'm an AMD fan boy myslef
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