Halo 3 to sport three different versions on release

By Justin Mann on March 16, 2007, 8:33 PM
Halo 3, next up in the very successful Halo series, has received a lot of attention and been quite anticipated as Bungie prepares it for the big screen. Often with extremely popular titles we see various editions released simultaneously, and thus it's no big surprise to hear Microsoft announcing that Halo 3 will come in three different flavors, based on how much of a fan you consider yourself to be. And, how much money you want to sink into a game. The plain jane $60 version will be nothing much more than a copy of the game, as we've come to expect with most boxed games these days. For an extra $10, you're netting a metal collectors case, a bonus disc and two books. Books! It brings to mind an era not too long ago when most games came with elaborate manuals filled to the brim.

From there, the price increases dramatically A $130 edition will exist, which will come with, of all things, a helmet-shaped case. On top of that, it'll have additional bonus discs, HD features, cinermatics and various other trinkets. While I can never imagine myself throwing $130 at a game, the huge fanbase that Halo has created definitely does have some zealots who will probably go for it. Either way, I do look forward to the release of the game proper... but I'll do without the helmet.

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beef_jerky4104 said:
I don't acctually own an Xbox or a 360. But my friend has a Xbox and a 360. He might actually own it but basiclly we share his. Like I got GOW for him. So yeah I'll probably by the $70 version. And I'll leave it at his house.
canadian said:
I went to pre-oder just the regular one, and they put me down for the expensive one >
nathanskywalker said:
I'm sorry, but $130 for a game? That's a ridiculous waste of money for just a game (yes I love the halo games, or used to), but there are far to many things that are far more.........far better investments, yikes.Even still...I would like a helmet shaped box :P
Phantasm66 said:
Halo 3 Home EditionHalo 3 Business PremiumHalo 3 Ultimate Edition:-; ??
nathanskywalker said:
[b]Originally posted by Phantasm66:[/b][quote]Halo 3 Home EditionHalo 3 Business PremiumHalo 3 Ultimate Edition:-; ??[/quote]Lol, man, that does sound like Microsoft now doesn't it?
Mictlantecuhtli said:
The more expensive editions don't add anything to the game itself, like weapons or vehicles?At least different editions in Guild Wars do :P
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