No more OEM Windows XP in January

By Justin Mann on April 12, 2007, 1:28 PM
The bell is tolling for Windows XP, with Microsoft's plan to pull OEM copies as an option for system builders. In short, any PC bought from a retailer that has Windows must come with Vista - regardless of what the customer wants.

While you can already find a plethora of retail machines running Vista, there are still many people who for reason or another, be it lack of drivers for hardware or poor application support, would rather get a machine running XP. In January, that'll no longer be possible. Many businesses are still ordering machines running XP in bulk due to concerns over Vista, so there could be some backlash if the issues aren't addressed before then. Retail availability will probably still last for a while afterwards, but part of the reason people choose OEM is the cost reduction.

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al92lt1 said:
There is an outfit in the Reno area that advertises on the radio offering to remove Vista from your computer and install Windows XP. I wonder what they charge for this wonderful "service"?
otester said:
^Can you not just do it yourself?
Michel Merlin said:
Is still an INFORMATION Technology company, or not? If they care about INFORMATION they should display the dates with reasonable unambiguity. Here it should be "In January 08"; it's not enough to write "In January", which lets plenty readers waste a fraction of a second wondering if this news was written in December 06 targeting Jan 07 then incompletely updated before posting Thu 12 Apr 07.Versailles, Fri 13 Apr 2007 10:45:45 +0200
windmill007 said:
Stupid... They should just get rid of Vista OEM instead. XP Rocks. Wish someone could just take over and update XP. I say they should make software more leaner not bloated. To me VISTA is like Windows ME was...Overly bloated. Owell Rock on XP!!!
buttus said:
Here comes the squeeze.Ending OEM XP is the first step to eventually deleting the SKU and the support and force the eventual migration to Vista...even though there are extremely few reasons to actually make that upgrade.At least we are done the OS moves for sometime. I have been happy with what, almost 5 years on XP and I won't personally upgrade to Vista til much later this year or early next (I'll certainly wait until at least service pack 1 is issued).The end is nigh my friends.
Jibberish18 said:
I am completely against this and I think it's complete B.S. I don't think the consumer should have an option to pick one or the other....I think they should get both! How about if you're someone that wants to use XP because of it's compatibility but still plans to install Vista sometime in the future? You're screwed. It's bad enough that most companies don't even send you the original OS disc, but now you don't have a choice as to what you want? Just another reason for consumers to build their own computers or have them custom built but one of the smaller companies.[Edited by Jibberish18 on 2007-04-13 12:36:37][Edited by Jibberish18 on 2007-04-13 12:37:08]
ramakin said:
I think we should all give Bill a big "see ya later" Has a real bad habit of giving us what he wants!What ever happaned to "the customer is always right"? Apple is looking really good and I think we should all say no to Bill!!No means No Bill!!! We want XP you can Keep Vista!!
hanaleia said:
Those greedy buggers! Bill is making Apple look right tasty. I am definately going to Unix on my second HD and will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into Vista. Why do we all continue to grovel at Bill's feet and allow him so much power over our wallets? Could someone refresh my memory please, what was so bad about XP again?
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