Dell re-adds XP as option over Vista on new PCs

By Justin Mann on April 19, 2007, 6:39 PM
Deployment of Windows Vista is facing another setback, with Dell no longer making it the only option for Windows on new systems sold. Due to “significant” customer demand, Dell has restored the ability to choose Windows XP over Vista on new systems. This decision came about through the polling system they have created on their Ideas in Action page, and quickly became one of the most popular topics when it was introduced:

"We heard you loud and clear on bringing the Windows XP option back to our Dell consumer PC offerings," Dell said on its Ideas in Action page. Users get to vote on various suggestions, and the notion of bringing back XP got 10,000 "points," making it among the most popular requests but well below top picks such as adding Linux or to its PCs.
Obviously, Microsoft doesn't want more XP licenses sold, and soon plans to cut OEMs off from purchasing more. In the interim, however, it is clear the consumer demand for XP over Vista still remains high. The reasons are self-apparant, from user familiarity to program compatibility to just plain choice. It is encouraging to see Dell actually respond to customers in such a fashion, and hopefully they will continue to do such.

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captaincranky said:
It figures that they don't want to sell more OEM XP. Take your Vista said the mother! Why mommy said the child. BECAUSE said the mom, somewhat petulantly! Besides, your uncle Bill is making me.
ROYAL115 said:
When we found that our business software didn't run on Vista, we called Dell to get a downgrade. They made us pay for two new copies of XP Pro and couldn't/wouldn't tell us how to install it. I had to figure it out myself (F-12). Not to mention that they said they couldn't warranty the software if it was not factory installed.After many years of buying Dells for our business I am a bit disillusioned with them.I wonder if we can get a refund based on this information? It is worth a try.Dave
captaincranky said:
[b]Originally posted by ROYAL115:[/b][quote]When we found that our business software didn't run on Vista, we called Dell to get a downgrade. Dave[/quote]Are you certain that XP Pro is a "downgrade", because I'm surely not!
jhencken said:
Go Dell!I had advised a friend of mine who doesn't need to become MS's beta tester to look for an XP machine. Now she can take my advice.
Linda D said:
Too little too late, so far as I'm concerned!!January 18, 2007 I ordered a Dell desktop with XP Pro. I wanted the large drive partitioned, but was told they don't do that in the factory, but that I could call tech support when it arrived to get help with the partitioning. The day my computer arrived I called tech support only to be told that they don't help with partitioning of drives because of their "PC Restore" feature. After an hour arguing with them the supervisor made an exception. The tech was helping me but after 4 hours of troubleshooting he figured that I bad CD ROM so they reshipped. The reship came 10 days later. It had Vista instead of XP Pro. I called Dell to get help with the partitioning and to have my XP Pro OS installed (Dell told me to keep my disks from the original shipment). Again they refused to help me. After 90 minutes I was left with "I'll try and send a message to the tech from last week". I called the next day. This time the person was helpful and didn't understand why they wouldn't help me the day before. He managed to get XP Pro on the system but ran into problems with the partitioning. I quickly discovered that Dell forgot to help me install the drivers! I called Dell customer support to tell them to just send me out a new system with XP Pro on it like I ordered. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The girl refused to put me through to one and kept telling me that I'll never get another computer shipped to me from Dell with XP Pro on it. I tried to explain to her that it was what I ordered and what I originally got, but she wouldn't hear me. She quickly put me on hold without giving me a chance to say anything and never came back. I hung up after about 15 minutes and called back. The next guy I spoke with "slow". He refused to put me through to a supervisor until I told him what this was about. I was really upset by this time and I'm sure I was yelling by now. He went to make his notes and came back and again asked me to go through it again because he missed some of it. I was livid!!! I told him that I was tired of being screwed around by Dell and he replied "Let's keep this civil!" He put me on hold to finish his notes and came back and said "Can you tell me what it is that you are upset about?" !!! I finally got put through to a supervisor who said that they don't ship with XP Pro anymore and that they only have Vista as of January 31st. It didn't seem to matter to them that I ordered my system in January with XP Pro and that was what I got initially and the reorder was done on January 30th. According to her their policy is that effective January 31st no computers are being shipped from Dell with anything but Vista with NO exceptions even if my system was ordered previously! It also didn't seem to matter that some of the software that came with the computer wouldn't even run with Vista and gave "driver incompatibility" errors. I was so sick of hearing about policy and procedures that I was ready to scream! I got put through to tech support again! This tech guy took time to read through everything and he couldn't believe all that I've been put through and he said he would help me with the drivers and if I wanted he could also help me with the partitioning of the drive. I agreed to let him. 1 hour later I had a partitioned drive with XP Pro. I spent the next 7 or 8 hours installing software stuff and then I powered down my system at 2:50am on Saturday only to find that when I turned it back on the computer screen was black. Another call to Dell and and a trial of a different monitor and I am told my graphic card is gone and needs to be replaced. He suggested a new CPU be sent. I told him to forget it and that I wasn't going to go through all of that "we don't support partitioning" etc etc etc etc again. He put me on hold and came back and told me that he will have a new graphic card dispatched to me and either they can help me install it or have someone come in and do it. I told him that I'm sick of paying for do it yourself tech support and that someone can come in and fix it. He then tells me that I'm running a pirated version of my OS!!!! and that my warranty is void because of it and anyone at Dell who helps me will be breaking the law and will hang up on me as soon as they hear that I have XP on a system that was shipped with Vista. I asked him if that was the case how was he going to have someone come out and install a graphic card for me? He said "What OS? I know from your symptoms that it's the graphic card and I didn't have to go into your system so I don't know what OS you are running." I have the system that I ordered with the OS I wanted and I'm being called a thief!!! All Dell had to do was transfer over the License for XP Pro to me which they apparently refused to do, so now according to Dell I'm a thief even though they told me to keep the disks and 11 people at Dell never once said anything about this license stuff to me despite my having gone on and on about XP Pro, and Dell even helped me put the OS on the computer! That was the real straw that broke the camel's back. returned the whole thing to Dell for a refund and bought something locally.Dell lost out on a $3,000.00 sale all because of their inflexiblilty and rigid policies and procedures that completely forget who is keeping the company in business...the customer. My experience with Dell left me feeling abused, trampled on and feeling completely defeated. No customer should feel like that when dealing with a company that they have invested their hard earned money in.[Edited by Linda D on 2007-04-24 13:25:11]
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