Japanese developers favoring Wii over PS3?

By Justin Mann on May 14, 2007, 4:52 PM
No matter how powerful your console is, it is useless without games to play on it. Thus, it is interesting to see the direction that many Japanese developers are taking towards console game creation. It seems that many devs are shifting from a focus on the PS3 to a focus on the Wii. Given that Nintendo is planning on releasing 45 more titles before the second half of this year, they likely are scrambling for developers in the first place. Given Sony's more long-term approach to consoles, they don't seem to be worried about this shift:

However, the article also cites Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Jack Tretton as saying, “We didn't get into PS3 for the first six months of 2007 — we're into this for the next 10 years and beyond. A million units one way or another at this point isn't going to worry us."
However, for any Wii user, it is good news – more games means more choice. However, the early stage of console sales is still not favoring Sony as the article mentions. If development halts altogether, there will be very little incentive to buy the console at all – minus its other features, such as Blu-ray. Their saving grace may be console-specific titles. If game publishers follow the dollars, though, it still looks bad for them.

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9Nails said:
"A million units one way or another at this point isn't going to worry us."Right, Sony. That is why Ken Kutaragi is resigning. No worries, and everything is rosy around the big chair at Sony. The PS3 could have owned the competition by now, had it not been for the brainless inclusion of that ludicrously expensive Poo-Ray drive. I doubt that Ken was responsible for that technology and its mandatory inclusion. It seems something more in-line with a trick played by the Sony Entertainment division than something the Game division would pull. Trying to tie the two corporate divisions together with one drive, when the drive alone is the cost of a console system, was a bad move. And Ken knew it, that's why he is resigning, pulling his name from this once great game department.The last paragraph really drove this story home. There is serious reason to worry, and it's written in green paper notes that come pre-printed with $1, $5, $10, $20 on them...
howzz1854 said:
i couldn't agree with you more. i think SONY has gone too far in trying too much that, in the process, they forgot what the consumer or gamer really wants in a product, that is exactly what it's suppose to be: a console. forcing the consumer into adpoting into a format war just isn't the essence of a gaming console and certainly carries its consequences. microsoft might not be a saint compare to SONY but i think at least there is more room for the consumer to choose within the 360 product line that they can either buy one for just gaming, or gaming and some entertainment, or gaming and entertainment plus HD-DVD experience. to me THAT's freedom in gaming. and Wii done exactly just that, they didn't try too hard to impress anyone, but rather one simple strategy, that is ENTERTAINMENT for the masses.
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