Vista a minority for gamers, says Valve survey

By Justin Mann on June 4, 2007, 3:53 PM
Vista may have produced record sales for Microsoft, but whom exactly is fronting the bill for all those sales? If you have ever run STEAM, you know all about Valve's routine hardware surveys. If they are to be believed at all, it isn't the gamers who are gobbling Vista up. According to them, out of 330,000 unique profiles, Vista accounted for a meager 5% of those. Of course, XP remains the dominant OS at 93%. Of all people interested in new technologies, many developers speculated that Vista's support for DX10 would make it the de-facto gaming OS in short time. Obviously that is not the case, at least currently.

Interestingly, other technologies that have yet to give large advantages to games, such as dual core processors, have been picked up quite a bit. 21.71% of those surveyed had multi-processor or multi-core systems, and even more interesting was the AMD/Intel split. Despite Intel's dominance overall worldwide, on these sampled gamers it was almost a direct split: 51.37% Intel and 48.63% AMD. The statistics overall are very interesting, and a group of 330,000 is fairly decent for any survey. Despite how annoying STEAM can be, it is interesting to see it being used in ways like this.

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eddie_42 said:
I don't see why they are shocked at this. I myself am an avid gamer. But when faced with $400 bill for a decent package of Vista (not the stripped down versions), a minimum $300 video card to support DX10, $200 to upgrade the memory to 4GB, and video drivers that are barely out of beta stage, its just not gonna happen.I could just as easily spend that money on games that work just fine in XP pro with DX9.
beef_jerky4104 said:
Of course XP is still #1. Vista has terrible performance compared to XP. They should have made it easer to run, not harder.
Canadian said:
The reason a lot of gamers hasn't upgraded is because they are stubborn ******, who don't believe Microsoft can make any good products, even after a year of testing, and 6 months with the OS out.
I did try it... and I went back to XP because too many programs were not compatible with vista...and it was basically a broken OS as of now...
shl0791 said:
Vista is not broken. It works fine. It's just that developers haven't written their software to work with it, or the drivers. Remember when XP first came out? Game performance on XP wasn't as fast as win98. If you compare XP to Vista when they first came out, Vista is so much more reliable and faster.
fornacis said:
Yup, went to Vista, and had problems with some of the largest entities in Graphics and Games (Nvidia/EAGames)which is pretty much pathetic.BF2142 would crash the entire PC when loading, and my new BFG8800 GTS 640mb card did a lot of weird stuff.I went back to XP and will wait until Vista SP1 comes out before re-installing....its not like Vista just sneaked up out of the bushes and surprised all these third party guys...I'm not Betaing Vista for them.**I'm in now way blaming M$ for this ... I blame the other guys.[Edited by fornacis on 2007-06-05 08:07:42]
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