Wal-Mart to sell $298 back-to-school PC

By on July 19, 2007, 5:30 PM
The back-to-school season is just starting, and with it many PC vendors are looking to get a jump on the lucrative shopping season. This Wednesday, retailing giant Wal-Mart began selling a $298 system from Everex which sports Windows Vista Home Basic, OpenOffice 2.2, and is reportedly bloatware-free.

The Everex Impact GC3502 features the energy-efficient 1.5GHz VIA C7 CPU, 1GB DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM, a VIA Chrome9 HC IGP graphic card, Realtek High-Definition Audio, 10/100 Ethernet LAN, 6 USB ports, Microphone and headphone jack, as well as VGA, Ethernet and RJ-11 ports. Keyboard, mouse and stereo speakers are also included. It does not include a monitor, though.

Obviously, the system is not likely to entice gamers and enthusiasts. However, budget-conscious shoppers needing to manage their email, surf the Web, listen to music, and do basic productivity tasks, will welcome the Everex’s PC.

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eddie_42 said:
Vista, single core 1.5GHz proc, unknown video card(likely integrated), and 1GB ram. Good luck
peas said:
Not everyone needs (or can afford) a l33t system like yours, eddie. Believe it or not, the main reason kids need a computer is for education. That includes web browsing for research, word processing, and such. Anything in addition to that is icing, but in this price range it shouldn't be expected.The "video card" is known: VIA Chrome9 HC IGP, as stated in the article. It's not any good for 3D, but then again, read the first part of my post.
namida12 said:
The local Wal-Mart here in Southern Nevada can not get any Dell computers with Linux preinstalled. Wonder if this one will be in the stores? Shame this computer comes with Vista, it is going to be the death of a decent low cost computer, sporting a slow processor and only 1 gig of memory... Vista is slow, but installed in this system it is going to be disliked by most users. To run Vista you need a dualcore CPU and minimum of 2 gigs of matched memory... Or you need the older Windows XP, if you do use Linux.This computer would fly, using AntiX-6.5 that is based on SimplyMepis... Or it would run well using the 32-bit version of SimplyMepis, that includes the free Open Office, Fire Fox, Opera, Kmail/Thunderbird and pan a good newreader is also included.Gimp, Xara Extreme, and other graphic programs. A number of good Music software is included...My opinion, but a easy to install Linux distribution would certainly improve this computers performance...Susan Lition's June 26th review of antiX-Mepis6.5 would make a good read...[url]www.linux.com/feature/115203[/url]
peas said:
I'm no fan of WalMart and really don't care what happens with their foray into the low-end computer segment. I'm also no big fan of Vista, but I've had to use it at work and it has is plus sides (as well as downsides).Vista does *not* need dual core processors or 2GB to run well. Those are urban legends. While it's true that the full Aero Glass UI requires alot of horsepower (CPU and video), the fact is that Vista will not allow Aero Glass on lower-end GPUs such as the VIA Chrome9. Additionally, you can turn off regular Aero to get the XP-style UI and further reduce video chip requirements. Vista can scale quite impressively.The big downside with Vista is all the DRM garbage and hidden information reporting to Microsoft.
eddie_42 said:
Im not saying everyone needs an uber l33t system. But completely agree with namida that this system will barely boot. By the time youve stripped everything off of Vista to make it run our not running anything more the XP home. I also agree with nambia that you need at least 2GB memory, dual core CPU, and a real video card. Any computer literate person will tell you integrated graphics are horrible, even if your only running OpenOffice 2.0 which is about all your gonna get to run on this system
kitty500cat said:
The integrated S3 UniChrome graphics on my parents' computer do quite fine in word processing, web browsing, etc. Sure, SimCity 4 stuttered a bit, but that is to be expected. The point is, if you need a system for research and word processing, this $298 PC should do quite well. Not to mention it's pretty energy-efficient, if people can't afford a high electric bill.Vista can run on 1GB of memory. The Home Basic edition doesn't include Windows Aero.
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